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BASIL - Stimulating, Uplifting.

BERGAMOT - Uplifting, Calming, Antiseptic. AVOID in Sunlight.

CEDAR - Meditative, Calming, Respiratory Aid.

CHAMOMILE - Sedative, Anti-Inflammatory, Soothes. Relaxes.

CLARY SAGE - Euphoric, Helps FMS, Menopause, Helps Concentration.

CLOVE BUD - Antiseptic, Energizing, Mental Stimulant.

CYPRESS - Stimulant, helps Sore Muscles. Good For Cellulite, Revitalizes.

EUCALYPTUS - Decongestant. Stops Infections Increases Circulation, Helps Arthritis.

FENNEL - Detoxifying, Suppresses Appetite, Tones Muscle, Restores Moisture.

FRANKINCENSE - Warming, Helps Dry, Mature and Sensitive Skin, Centering, Calming.

GERANIUM -Astringent, Celt Rejuvenator, Anti-Depressant, Balancing.

GRAPEFRUIT - Purifying, Refreshing, Skin/hair Rejuvenator.

JASMINE - Relieves Muscle Spasm/Pain Regulates Skin Oil. Excellent to lift spirits.

JUNIPER - Relieves Muscle Spasm/Pain. Effective for Cellulite.

LAVENDER - Most Versatile Oil, Calming, Healing, Cool Burns, Safe For Kids, Sleep Aid

LEMON - Antiseptic, Purifying, Softens Skin. AVOID Sun

LIME - Purifying, Refreshing, Stimulating

MARJORAM - Analgesic, Warming, Calming, Headaches.

MYRRH - Meditative, Cooling, Fortifies

NEROLI - Aphrodisiac, Calming, Skin Rejuvenator, Purifying

ORANGE - Refreshing, Purifying, Restores Skin Balance

PATCHOULI - Warming, Aphrodisiac, Curbs Appetite

PEPPERMINT - Stimulating. Eases Motion Illness Energizes, Fever Reducer.

PETIGRAIN - Refreshing, Mind Stimulant Aids Memory

PINE - Disinfectant, Clears congestion, Aids Circulation

ROSE - Soothes, Reduces Depression, Helps Skin

ROSEMARY- Stimulates, Aids Joint/Muscle Pain. Increases blood pressure. Helps stay alert.

* SANDALWOOD - Meditative,, Aid to Dry Skin, Soothing

SPEARMINT - Energizing, Purifying, Mental Stimulant

* TEA TREE - Anti-Fungal, Stops Infections, Insect Repellent

VETIVER - Calming, Reduces Anxiety, Natural Deodorant

YLANG YLANG - Aphrodisiac, Relaxes, Exotic Creativity (+)