Basic Lip Gloss, Lip Balm and Lip Balm Stick Making Recipe

Copyright Deborah R. Dolen

Basic Lip Gloss Recipe  

You will need 10 Gloss Rollers, 2 ounces of oil of choice, plastic pipettes (to transfer your formulas when warm into the gloss rollers) and flavor(s) of choice.  Castor oil is the thickest of all carrier oils, and stays on the longest, so for that reason we choose castor oil for lip gloss.  Other oils can include sweet almond, or primrose oil, we find great for addressing PMS. Other additives can include a little vitamin e oil, which is a natural preservative, and an oil based sweetener which is optional.  Sweetener must be oil based--and is offered on our flavor menu.  Sweetener does tend to cause lip licking and the lips to dry out.  To Make:  Heat oil just a bit in the microwave, using a glass Pyrex measuring cup, and when warm--stir in any additives you like, such as the vitamin e oil and flavor oil, before transferring into gloss rollers.  For tint you can swirl just a tad of old lip stick in the warm formula until the color is even.  We use a tooth pick to swirl color in.

Basic Lip Balm Recipe

Following the method above, you would simply want to replace the oil for 2/3 oil to 1/3 food grade Soy Wax, melting both just a few minutes together in the microwave.  You may want to add a touch of beeswax, which is totally optional and not needed with our SoyWax™.   After swirling in additives, transfer to lip balm pots or tins to cool. Our SoyWax™ for lip balm offers a very natural frosty sheen.  For lip balm butter simply replace the 2/3 oil with butter of choice, such as mango or shea.

Basic Lip Balm Stick Recipe

Following the methods above, you will simply want to heat up 1/2 of our SoyWax™ to 1/2 oil of your choice.  A touch of beeswax can come in handy, but is not necessary with our SoyWax™ designed for use with lip balm making.  You can also purchase ready made balm base to skip these steps and get to the fun part, adding other ingredients!  When you are done mixing your warm oils and waxes, transfer the formula into Lip Balm Stick tubes using our plastic pipettes.