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Judea Bentley, Assistant Editor for MWHL in Nebraska came up with such a popular idea on her site, she was overwhelmed with orders last year.  She insists, and we have to agree, to allow her to do Mabel's personalized Holiday letters.  Her approach worked so well, customers were asking about other holidays.  I can say one thing about Judea--she is dedicated to this project and handles everything on time.  She loves it and really does send these letter from an "insider" at the North Pole!  Judea loves kids so much she adopted two babies from Korea years ago.  Here is how it works...

"A personalized letter from Santa, with a North Pole Postmark!"


Letters from Santa are fully personalized using information you provide; they are not form letters. The letters make treasured keepsakes and are enjoyed by children of all ages—adults and pets too! This is offered internationally at the same price.

Each letter is only $9.00

Moms, Dads, Aunts, Uncles, and Grandparents can order a "Letter from Santa" from now until November 30th, 2006. Each letter is printed on bright holiday paper and includes an autographed picture of Santa, Christmas stickers, and a laminated Christmas bookmark, or ornament depending on the recipient’s age.

Children living at the same address will not receive the same letter. Each letter is different!  And will be mailed in a separate envelope.

Note:  We do NOT guarantee delivery before Christmas for orders received after December 12th. However, we will do our best to get your orders out as quickly as possible.


For payment info, e-mail and subject title "Santa's Letter" to Judea at:


You may also want to include the name of the child(ren) and respective mailing addresses in the content of the e-mail.  You need not be a Mabel Member for this service!


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