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          This page basically deals with oil formulations.  Newbie's often get confused and try to use water based flavors and so on...for common Q&A, Please Click here.  Forget recipes with petroleum jelly - we find that just gross.  Below are natural formulations for you.

"Sugar Lips" Exfoliating Scrub Formula

Exfoliating the lips is the best and most natural way to remove dead skin cells and "plump" the lips.  We find "lip Jelly" to make the lips more supple after exfoliation than lip balm, which is more of a weather shield.  Why? Lip jelly has more oil and lip balm has more wax.  We recommend using the scrub just before an event, followed by lip jelly.  We also like "super fine" sugar you can get in the bar tenders area of your grocery store.

Sugar Lips Scrub Recipe

Mabel DIY Formula

Makes four 1/4 ounce jars

1 Ounce Super Fine Sugar

1/2 ounce Safflower Oil, Vitamin E oil, OR Vegetable Glycerin (enough to make a paste...)

2 drops of Flavor oil of choice

*Yes you can mix Safflower with vitamin e.  Super fine sugar can be found in bar tending supply section of grocery store.

Flavor ideas include: Rose, Lemon, Lime, and Passionate Fruit.

Popular Flavor Oils






Dior Kiss charges $15 for a 1/5th of an ounce sheer tube of lip gloss!  You can make it for under $1!


Suggested Breathe Essential Oils? 

Peppermint, Spearmint, a mix known as "Double Mint" or our "Cool Berry"  which is Raspberry and Peppermint. 

A way to present your handmade luxuries!  

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This is neat page because you can take many of the same components such as carrier, essential, flavor oils and waxes to quickly make many different gifts and create little baskets! More special, there will always be a left over stash for you!  Our motto we learned in London?  Spoil Yourself!

Making Lip Balm & Lip Jelly

Many customers find it easier and cost efficient to buy our already made Lip Balm Base and Lip Jelly Base.   They are sold in microwavable stand up pouches.  Simply heat for a few seconds in the microwave and stir in your additives.  Suggested additives:  A few drops of flavor oil (to taste,) white mica powder (for a sheer shine) a drop of lemongrass essential oil for a "sorbet" taste, and/or a few drops of vitamin e and/or shea and other butters.  Since Butters have the same consistency as balm, it will cool like the balm. For that same reason, you can make a lip balm with just shea and/or other butters.  Cocoa Butter is too hard and would be an exception. To make a balm with cocoa butter you need extra oil to soften it.  TIP:  If you aim for color--you can use a tooth pick to swirl in a bit of lip stick color for tint.  For those who want to make their own natural jelly, click here.  For those who want to make their balm from scratch, click here.  With either base you can make healing salves and ointments with the appropriate essential oils.  When your warm oil is mixed you then transfer your creation with "pipettes" into containers and allow to cool.

What is Lava Lips?  Since Vegetable Glycerin does not mix with oil--smart marketers paired the two in a tube.  The type of tube that has an applicator stick.  Mabel does not yet carry these applicator tubes. The method tends to make the product have a cool "marble" effect.  Simple to make and popular.  It does not matter which one you pour in first, it can be the oil part or the Veg Glycerin part.  1/2 and 1/2.  Flavor oils can be used in the oil part.  Cake flavors, are water soluble, and could be used in the glycerin part.  Mica, from natural stone, can also be succeffuly mixed in the glycerin part--as glycerin is a great suspender and used in many lotion formulas to suspend color or additives such as mica.  For more info on oils see the bottom of this page.      

Body Bath Oil Formula

Making bath oil lends itself right into making lotion.  Yes, we prefer to use flavor and/or essential oils to scent our bath oil as well as create our lotions.  We just feel they are more pure and smell, well, edible!  My favorite  combination was a gift from a customer Rose Knight: Jojoba Oil, Sesame Oil, and Avocado Oil in equal parts.  Since these have sunscreen properties, they are often used in making lip balm base.  Add our Bulgarian Lavender essential oil and you have a beautiful bath oil.

Making Lotion

We invented the easiest system to make water and oil mix, known as EmulSoy.  Make some outstanding lotion with your oils!  Click here for the instructions.

TIP:  When making up a "bath care kit" you can roll up white cotton wash cloths and tie with a ribbon as part of your presentation.  Open thumbnail on the left to get an idea!

Making Breathe Elixir

This just does not get any easier!  A few drops of flavor or essential oil in a vegetable glycerin base.  The key is a cute dropper bottle so it is easy to carry in a purse.  Aveda charges $12 for a 1/10 of an ounce tube!  You can make it for under one dollar!  Since Primrose Oil is actually great for PMS, and people eat it in capsule form, you could use that as a base.   

Matching one hour video is available on Amazon only.






Making Perfume Sticks

If you are making "lip balm sticks" you may as well make solid perfume in pretty pots or in stick form.  For this you would want to use a wax base, such as our Lip Balm Base.  Warm and stir in a few drops of your preferred scent to your liking.

You can also add your own favorite perfumes and oils at 10% of the total formula.







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     Common Questions and Answers Regarding Balms

I bought the "Balm Base," what do I need to add to that?

You do not have to add anything.  But most people buy it to add a few drops of vitamin E oil, and/or high end essential oils, and/or a few drops of flavor oil.  How much can vary depending on the oil.  Some essential oils need only a few drops to knock you down.  Flavor oils may require up to 10% if you want power flavor.  They buy the base to make lip balm, healing salves, and solid perfume.  Because their profit is really in the "additives" they find it easier to just buy the pre-made base.  You can even add "butters" because they do become solid at room temperature.

How do I heat the Balm Base?

Heat it up in the pouch for a minute or more, and blend with additives if you like.  Transfer into your containers with "Pipettes." 

What is the Difference Between Balm and Jelly? 

They are both all natural and oil based.  We just add more oil to make jelly.  We also add candellia wax to the jelly that really makes lips supple.  So, Balm Base is more for protective weather.  Speaking of weather, we recommended you put the jelly on lips first and then layer it with the Balm Base for extra protection.

How can I make it softer?

Just add a little edible oil until you have the consistency you want. You can always reheat it.  Do not use oils with a distinct scent, like Olive, unless that is what you want for something like a salve. Safflower Oil is high in Vitamin E and right on the grocery store shelf, with no distinct taste.  Sweet Almond oil is great, but there is no major difference.

Why does water based flavor from a cake shop I bought refuse to mix?

You need to have an oil based flavor and they are hard to find.  For that reason we carry a long line of oil based flavors.  Flavors are natural when possible.  For example, we cannot get Strawberry in a totally natural note. 

Why does Vegetable Glycerin not mix into balm base?

It would be great if it did!  It is a natural sweetener, usually derived from coconuts.  But the sad fact is, it is water based and "float."  Just recently someone finally found a cool way to use it, called Lava Lips. 

How Long Do the Oils Last?

It depends on which oil, number one, and more importantly-how long the person you buy if from had it, how they cared for it (heat will accelerate) so any oil based products, including butters, should be kept in cool, dark, and dry areas.  We aim to move our stock because we are "users" and we are picky.

When it comes to flavor oils, they are pretty strong for several months if kept properly.  After that they just start losing flavor--as does fragrance and so on.

For more good questions to add to this page, please write the author...