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Edible Love Lotions, Butters and Now Crèmes:  No to Edible Crème and Butter

As 2006 ends, I am getting a lot of requests about how to make edible "passion" butters, massage oils and crèmes.  They are encouraged to expand their simple passion lines due to a few years of high sales of a basic formula. 

My answer is the old edible Glycerin and flavor is sufficient.  Astroglide basically sells that very basic formula. Grow in other Bath and Body ways.  Do not expand in food ways without the costly and necessary high standards for food.  When merchants go from making body care products to "edible" body care products such as crème and body butter, they are making a huge departure of product and purpose. 

From a product developer stand point, I would not want to ingest "butters" and "crèmes" for many reasons.  Reason number one--that jumped out at me when I first heard this, is, purity.  Purity is not regulated in our markets.  My customers buy from many places, even if they are asking me a question.  But purity alone is enough to re-think.  If someone sells us "shea butter" from Africa, they are not expecting us or the end user to consume it and would never sell as such.  Handlers hygiene is one of a multitude of issues that make a difference on "grade."  It would have to be handled differently--to a higher standard of food.  And some wholesalers do cut high end oils and butters with known allergens such as low cost peanut oil.  They are not going to admit this, but they are not selling for consumption either. No insurance or liability would ever cover this.  Beyond purity, I think it is just a gross idea to ingest 2 ounces of cocoa butter or whatever.   I grab some now and then, because I know our purity.  But not a good practice anyway.  

So, as much as the market pushes the merchant for "more" variations and "more" textures in the passion field--(and it is pushing) draw a line.  Do not feel compelled to create an edible crème or "butter."  This new craze is hardly isolated and you can bet FDA will be all over who is doing it biggest and best next year.  They will wait until a profit is made so they can seize it for their fees and set example--or simply when someone gets sick.  Keep in mind also, children can get a hold of those types of products.  Make no mistake, I am against edible butters, lotions and crèmes.  Other than simple edible vegetable glycerin or food grade carrier oils.



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