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Mabel's Miracle Mustard Seed Soak is the very first product that came to my mind.  Why?  Everyone who joined me this year did have the faith of a mustard seed.  You can bet they did!  And we are off to a great new year.  The Mustard Soak is symbolic also of our new direction in life. The Mustard Soak detoxes and increases circulation. AWESOME for those with Restless Leg Syndrome, or "RLS" which I had until I did an intense Mustard foot soak a few times a week. 

Right behind the Mustard Soak, I put forth my best tried and true formula's needed around the house!  Mabel's Miracle Natural Wax Jelly, is finally in an attractive jar. It looks and works just like Petroleum Jelly, but is far healthier for us and not scraped off an oil well like Petrol is. The next thing that got put in a jar was Mabel's Miracle Bee Pollen Hand Creme which has always been a favorite for nurses who get cracked and sore hands from contact dermatitis.   Over the years I had been mixing up the formula for custom orders.  Now it is available to just purchase!  The Mabel's Miracle "No Itch At All" After Bath Splash is awesome for people with such dry skin they itch all day. The product is applied while the user is still wet.  The all natural ingredients will absorb in and keep any itching down to almost none. *Note: I invented for myself Spring of 2007 when I had unreal allergies that were debilitating.  I was itching every five minutes and it was driving me crazy.  I ended up sharing this formula with many Chemo customers who swear by it.    Chemo is another subject totally and I will formulate a range for Chemo patients.  To date I only see "Lincare" and it is outrageously expensive and the formulas I read are as standard as $2 junk at a Dollar Store.  So, anyone with this issue--do write me and you can help me formulate that line!  I will make sure the components are top notch and affordably very much intact.  I lost a husband to cancer, so I know we would have bought "anything" and I want to do something far better for the Chemo patients.

Back to Mabel's Miracles, my final first formula contribution is Mabel's Miracle Foot Creme with Peppermint & Green Tea Oil.  It is also great for those with RLS, and can also be applied to the calves.  The final retail prices-or "Suggested Retail Price" will be at least $6 a jar on the average-but could be as high as $9 in some cases, after I studied the market.  Our product line is the "Apothecary look," click here to see Bigelow and here to see Kheils.  Our quality will be unmatched. I also like the Burt's Bees formulas, but they just sold to Clorox.  Timing for Mabel's Miracles is very good.

Below I am offering a "Decision Box" for 50% off the theoretical price of $6 per unit.  This offer is good while supplies last--I estimate two weeks max because of the amount of interest shown.  The packaging will be tweaked a tad more-for the apothecary appeal, with "formulas numbers" on each jar, and we will be adding a line of face care products, baby products, goats milk products as well as a Lavender ang Myers Lemon "range."  None of the Mabel Miracle products are available yet to purchase individually.  Thanks for your time and have a GREAT summer!!!


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Item Price
Mabel's Miracle Lemon & Vanilla Body Lotion with pump 8 Ounce $12
Mabel's Miracle  Lemon & Vanilla Bath Oil 8 Ounce $12
Bee Pollen Oil, Soytanicals 8 Ounce $22.50
Green Tea Oil, Soytanicals, 8 Ounce $22.50
Green Tea Anti-Aging Balm Stick gift
Bee Pollen Therapeutic Balm Stick gift
Mabel’s Miracle Mustard Bath 8 Ounce $8
Mabel’s Miracle Natural Wax Jelly 4 Ounce $6
Mabel’s Miracle NO ITCH AT ALL Body Splash $12
Mabel’s Miracle Bee Pollen Hand Crème, 8 Ounce $16
Mabel’s Miracle Green Tea Foot Crème , 8 Ounce $16
Total Value $127



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