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New Year 2009 Edition          

Overcoming Plateau    alli  Quitting Smoking  Other Demons  Economy  MW Town Select!

How I lost 38 Pounds - You can loose 40 pounds by Easter 2009!

The last quarter of 2008 I lost weight in more ways than one.    By October 1st, 2008 I decided to stop hurting myself by eating pasta into a frenzy.  The scale was reading 193 and no one has seen a new photo or video of me in two years.  I was 48 pounds over weight and looking like Liz Taylor at her top weight.    By Christmas, 2008, I had lost 38 pounds and him.  As autumn approached I knew I could not fit in any clothes and one thing leading to the next, I never went out much. 

The "Plan" Man

I was in good health, and that is important before you make a commitment to drop the weight.  I started with a lot of walking.  I had to CHANGE my perception of walking.  I had to look at it as "resort time" and a fun thing to do.  When you CHANGE the belief you change the result.  That applies to almost every aspect of life.  My former belief was that walking took into my time and was a drag.    Remember when we were kids we never wanted to go "in"?  Look at it that way when you are out walking.  I even skip like a kid. 

Then I had to change my perception of eating.  Salad began to taste like the finest lobster.  Period.  I kept with an Atkins low carb plan - cold cuts, salads, tuna salad, turkey salad, ham salad on top of salad and keep it interesting.  I also drank a lot of lemon water with stevia or Splenda which keeps the acid balanced in your stomach.  Doing this was not expensive and actually, after four days you start to eat for simple nutrition and not emotion.  You start to eat only when you are really hungry.  And the feeling of that control is PRICELESS.  You can loose 40 pounds by Easter 2009!

Slim Fast High Protein Creamy LOW CARB vanilla dry shake powder [best value] will remain a staple of my lifestyle change.  It tastes great and gives you the vitamin and mineral to support stress we are normally under.  And dieting can be stressful in a certain respect.  I did NOT look at this as a diet, but a total life style change.  Also the RIGHT kind of fiber pills are very important as to avoid issues low carb diets pose.  I picked FiberCon at my local pharmacy which does not dehydrate the colon.  Plus fiber has a tendency to make you feel full also.  I usually took that at lunch and dinner.

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Plateau Strategy: Slay That Dragon!

About six weeks in, I hit a plateau at 172 pounds, meaning-no matter how I went in starving mode and walking more, it was not budging.  Eating a few carbs actually helped at this point, to 170.  You need some carbs to burn fat efficiently.  At this juncture I looked at the alli system and bought HYDROXY CUT to kick in my metabolism.  So, at this point, HC was added in-but not early in the game.

Regarding alli I could not really ascertain on the internet if it really worked, and HOW it would affect a low carb commitment.  After a few weeks on alli-IT WORKS.  But you really cannot be in a public setting everyday.  Because I am in a home setting, I could Guinea pig it.  When I read it was made by GlaxoSmithKline I was elated!  I love that company and they have the best natural solutions to IBS and many other Gastro issues-I have been free of.  I would have used alli sooner if I had known GSK made it.  I got IBS after about evacuation of hurricane #6. I could no longer cope back in 2004-2006.


So with Alli ANY fat you eat, and I mean ANY fat you eat will never be converted into energy. It will go right out the other end.  So, in absence of carbs and real fat, the body really has to burn your fat.  The operating theory with Atkins is your body would rather burn your own fat than fat you eat-in absence of carbs to fuel it.  And this is true until a plateau.  When you see what fat looks like, you are going to be like "WOW" this is what my enemy looks like!  It looks like orange shea oil.  And I can say there is so much oil on your derrière any hemorrhoids are gone.  Plus, those who tend to be constipated from an early age may find relief here.  It did not make me go more often-just a few times a day.  The issue is you never know WHAT time!  So, I wait after I wake up every day to get things moving-before I run any errands.  Then I have a better idea my next "due" date is early evening. 

So I do love  alli- I eat a pill before any meal I know has fat in it-and I eat all of the fat I want.  But I also know it will be seen again in a few hours-if you know what I mean.  If I had to work in a work environment I would keep ANY fat intake down until after work and eat all the fat for dinner I wanted.  I would also have extra adult diapers on hand and I am serious.  No one is going to know when you are giving a deposition that you are wearing adult diapers!  But "slips" are not as bad as everyone says on the web.  I guess if you are in a 9-5 it may be a challenge-I would not know.

I do recommend you buy a lot of orange underwear!  Like 5-10 pairs.  Because that sure will look like the "mark" and not totally easy to get out.  A bottle of OxyClean stays near the washer now. 

So I lost the next 17 pounds of that 38 keeping with the first plan and adding in alli and HYDROXY CUT six weeks later.  I do not use the HC much-just when I know I am not going to walk or do much that day.

Take CONTROL of YOUR LIFE and make a commitment to your better health. You WILL have far less health issues, back issues, and esteem issues when you make the commitment to your self.  And you will look ten years younger!  Do NOT expect those around you to applaud you.  Often they many motives for keeping you as you are.  One, is the fact they cannot loose weight themselves. So, why should you succeed at it?

Notice I did not spend much money on this whole endeavor.  It must come from your soul and not always from a pill.  Trust your own self and it will set you free.  I am so elated I now want to "tone" my body which was not going to happen if anyone asked me last year.  So, I am going to find my Pilates DVDs stored somewhere in somewhere land. 

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Quitting Smoking

One of my daughters is a pharmacist.  She of all people would know by watching her customers.  She says CHANTIX has the best success rate.  She is the one who would draw me little black lungs in grade school and try to embarrass me away from the addiction.  That just made me feel awful, but never solved the addiction.  If it was easy to quit-it would not be an addiction.  The thing with CHANTIX is you start eating the pills every day and smoke all you want.  After a few weeks the taste will be yucky and the desire will start to go away.  Also, you are not caught up in wanting to gorge on food which is the other typical part of quitting.  So, I will be doing Chantix under my Doctors supervision after the New Year.

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Other Demons

We talked about weight control and the easiest way to stop smoking.  If there are other things in your life stressing you out, find a good counselor or get closer to a church. Make quality friends-and learn to set boundaries.  Go on YouTube, you can watch Anthony Robbins all over the place and I like him.  He is great.  Buy self motivational books, and the Bible is a good one too.  I LOVE Norman Vincent Peales The Power of Positive Thinking.   A month after I lost my husband to cancer, in 1994, I was really down and walked past a VERY dusty book I am SURE I never saw before in our library.  I pulled it out, because no other books were dusty, and this was odd.  I opened it up and it said "First print" and something like 1952 or whenever the first book was printed.  That was my husband Steven's year of birth. 

I was enthralled from the first page.  I did not know this book ended up a best seller and very modernized in this era.  Anyway, I read the book, and read it a few times.  It took a lot of my pain away.  I highly recommend this book to anyone spiritually hurting or not feeling fulfilled. Norman, later known as God's Salesman was a true angel because he wrote that book to a general population, mainly towards agnostics and those not sure.  The style of writing was matter of fact, and not pushy.   Oddly that dusty old book disappeared from where I was keeping it six months later.   I knew we never owned that book in the first place, so it was clear to me an angel set it there and then loaned it to the next person who felt lost.  Because of the year 1952, I can only surmise Steven was that angel.

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The Economy 

"Those who came first will come last and those who came last will come first."

~Matthew 20:16

Whatever you treasure is about to be tested.  If you are not materialistic this economy will not bother you much.  Those who live at the top of our towers will fall down from those towers. 

Watch what you treasure and aim for love and strengthen your good relationships.  Learn to give even when you have nothing to give.  Value yourself and treat yourself well.  You cannot make good decisions when in a tizzy and as Norman said, "fear never makes a good bed fellow."  Get your rest, eat right, and watch what company you keep.  Get CRAFTY and stop watching the news

Deborah Ruth

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