Letters From Our Customers:

We would like to thank our customers for the support, interest and contributions they have shown over the past few years. We have met some really neat people. We always look forward to reading our mail!

The customer does truly come first here at the Mabel White Company.

Thanks again.

Warmest Regards,
Deborah R. Dolen
Mabel White Company


Lady Trinity 10/2005

Deborah, you are too kind!  Really, I did not expect you to just give me the other fragrance!

You remind me why I love to shop at your website, it is the feeling of shopping with a friend at a place that you just love.  Believe me it is hard for me not to just buy everything that I want! Next time I get my hands on some extra money I know where I will be spending it!
My daughter-in-law has started making soap and lotion and I don't think she even knows about your site.  I will definitely be telling her about it.
Thanks again for being so nice, it is a rare thing in todays world.
Love and Blessings

My last order came so my daughters & myself went at it! The Emulsoy has made it possible for me to make handmade creams once again. I wonder if its possible to make lotion bars with it, Or do you know?


With my MS holding heavy hand blenders had became a exhausting chore I had to leave behind.

We tried the blender recipe with a few of our favorite additives, The results were amazing and more then I hoped for or even expected!

Thank you once again for a wonderful product even people with little strength can make!

Holding down the blender button was nothing compared to the heavy hand blender, And much faster!
My daughter with the eczema loves it, We used some heavier oils so she could apply it right after she showers to help lock in the moisture. She was left soft, silkily, And not waxy or greasy!
I see you have some new products due in the first of feb. we cant wait to try as well.
We will be watching out for them.

P.S. We placed another today. We decided we cant have enough Emulsoy around here! LOL

Thank you once again,
Linda, Casey & Laura Snyder.  :0)

     Hello, My name is Linda Snyder, I know I wont be remembered, But I wanted to say thank you to Mabel White. About a year ago, We were battling the eczema demon. I contacted Mabel about the problem, Being low on cash at the time I ask about a payment plan for the sets of CD's. Next thing I know a complete set with a book shows up in my mail autographed by Mabel.

     I was so touched, and the recipes & info helped so much.  I have never forgotten what she did for me & my family. I had $100.00 bill I had got for Christmas 2005, so I was deciding what to buy last night when I remembered Mabel's site, I went looking for new recipe CD's, But found some great supplies I ordered instead!
     I just wanted to say thank you again to MS. Mabel White, And to let her know I have never forgotten the kind and generous thing she did to help my children.


Please make sure she gets this letter.
Thank You From Linda, Casey, Laura, Dutch, Toby, Uriah, & Joe Snyder


Dear Deborah:

How can I say this without sounding crazy??

Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

Fisrt of all, the recipes are beautiful!!, then the amazing gifts that you offer through your web site, and last but not least, the sweet gift of the "Cat Treats"!!!!

My Gosh! I have never felt so grateful after getting my auction winnings!!

I really don't even know how to begin to say that everything -and I do mean EVERYTHING- is incredibly amazing!!  I will make sure to tell all my friends about your books and other items you have for sale, and in every card,  I will print the address of the website where they can purchase your so beautifully created CD's, Books, and other items!! 

Thank you very much!!

Forever grateful:

Myrna F.

you are a sweetheart!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
thanks peg


I have my copy of "How to Make Heavily Scented

Candles" and love it. I have checked books from the

library and read several articles on making candles

but have never found one that is as informative as

yours. Thanks so much!!  Thanks again for making this so easy!!! 


All I can say is wow, thank you. That is overly gracious & kind of you.

I thank you immensely for your generosity  & I most definitely recommend your site.

Thank you again,


After some minor difficulty on my part, (had adobe 3.0 & ended up having

to download 5.0) the recipes printed out without any problems. They

all look great!

I have left you positive feedback in your feedback forum. This has to

be the quickest e-bay transaction I have ever done.... Thank you for

making it so easy!

Can't wait to give these cute gift giving ideas a try...

Thank you for offering these on e-bay!

Debbie Wright

Regarding the Atkin's Diet for the BUSY Professional:

What a GREAT idea!  My husband travels and hits many airports.  He finds he cannot stay on the Atkins diet while being in transit.  I am sure he will love your manuscript on your own regimen for busy people. 




Hi Deborah!


    I just looked at your website that you use for public speaking.  It looks like you are one busy lady!  I would love to read some of your books.  The 2001 collection that I got from you is great!  It'll take me forever to go through everything!  I pray all is going well and that your week is happy and blessed! 


Angela Proctor



Hi.. Thanks for sending so promptly.. It is nice to know that there are people out there who do send things immediately.  I try to do the same... I appreciate your recipes...I will be assembling several of them for gifts shortly!!  Thanks again for offering these and also for the ideas given below.. I have checked out the crafts section, it is endless but I will have to spend more time searching them out... Wonderful...   Have a  great weekend!  B Burns

I finally got the Atkins Diet for the Busy Professional that you wrote and I am so happy with it. I started the diet this morning and your info saved me a lot of time at the grocery store today. I really like the tips and I know I can follow this. I was 20 lbs. over weight until Jan of 2001, I quit smoking and now I am 60 lbs. over. I had reached the point of being disgusted with myself. I feel like I have my life going in the right direction now. Thank you so much. 


This is the beginning of the 2nd day and it is easy, I will succeed with this. I am so grateful I found you. The plan you have took work and it is all the tricks that one needs. You made it possible for me to begin fast and eliminate the time involved in finding and reading a book. I may still do it but it is not necessary. I will keep in touch.


Thank you for solving the problem for me, I really enjoyed the site and will try all the stuff you have there. I appreciate good customer service.

Best regards,


Thank you for your kind wishes and time. I have downloaded the information and Boy am I excited.

I can't wait to get started....even from my own attic! I really appreciate the personal service that you gave me.

Again, thank you I'll be seeing you in Ebay!


Dear Deborah, 

     Thank you so much for your kind gesture and your continued assistance with my purchases. To date, I have purchased $27.09 worth of information from your auctions, and have another $7.00+ in pending bids. In light of this, and the fact that your "Home Page" offers all of your information for a total cost of $45.00, I am forwarding you a payment for $10.91 which will entitle me to the information you so generously offered. It has truly been a pleasure dealing with you, and your information is SUPERIOR. I look forward to future offers. 

Most Sincerely, 

Barbara, UK

"Your products are unique as well as outstanding. Delivery was so fast  I was shocked!  You have found every interesting thing I do not seem to have time as a professional to look for!  Thank You Martha!  And if you should ever need a new husband I will gladly buy you ten sets of new sheets!"    

Richard, British Columbia

Dear Deborah,

     I am fascinated by your charming ideals and enthusiasm.  Who would have ever thought of shrink wrapping sheets?  That is a great idea!  Now I can keep my own sets in order.  I think the most important attribute you have is that you do not mind letting others, like me, take all the credit for your neat ideas!  I shall be a frequent visitor as  I need to borrow as much  class as I can possibly get  from you!   Perfect!   

Virginia, Ohio

I am so excited about the MW recipe and craft page. I think it is wonderful. So many choices. I would very much like to have the free MW recipes. I do have several friends who will really appreciate this web page. Thanks for all you do.

Virginia Bowden, Utah

And THANK YOU Virginia!  drd