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But I am SO Busy!

Being busy does not mean you cannot have fun!  For example, busy Mom's can do great wonders most evenings with simply a good grill which also lends itself to quick clean up.  There are many fun, simple and healthy recipes that are great and kids always seem to like grilled food.  We dedicated an eCookbook just for BBQ'ing and one for Quick Casseroles.  Another kitchen appliance we simply cannot live without is a vegetable/rice steamer.  Costing around $20, you can throw water and any kind of rice in the unit and be assured it will not ever burn the rice.  In fact, it is so easy, we make "coconut rice" all the time with simply jasmine rice and coconut milk.  It is great sticky rice with just a faint aroma of coconut.  After dinner we simply add milk and a sweetener to the left over rice and make rice pudding.  Add a touch of cinnamon and desert is also just as fast.  

Learning to use a bread maker and crock pot to their best advantage is also time well spent for a busy person.  We also offer eCookbook that are just devoted to wonderful and unique recipes for these small appliances.   

We also carry the small 6" hard to find wooden spoons in our supply company as well as decorative mason jar lids for canning and preserving.

Last, but not least, we just love to flavor our own coffee beans with flavor oil, to give as gifts or just keep.  Click here to see all of our flavor oils or here to read a very neat article about how to make flavored coffee beans, roll them in cocoa, powdered sugar or cinnamon, and package them in mason jars as gifts!  We get the beans on sale and run from there.  Extracts will not work with coffee beans, you need flavor oils.  This saves allot of money and is just a treat almost everyone loves!  Whether it is caf or decaf!

At Mabel we are naturally committed to making our own chocolate, bread, granola, ice cream, yogurt, spices, and more.  We stay busy, so we master one area at a time.   As with anything we find satisfaction, quality, and economy as three great reasons to pursue what we call "Kitchen Art's."  Many readers report they are so busy they do not have time to cook, plan activities for kids or pre-plan gift giving.  We aim to make it simple, so the time you do spend preparing meals is "quality time."  Click the cover to see our Kitchen Art's Cookbook with just tons of stacked cake, cookie, dinner recipes and more! 

Click here for our free granola recipe PDF

We truly feel many things can be accomplished at once when standing firmly in the kitchen with the right materials.  Time can be garnered just a few hours on the weekend or in one evening.  For example, a child of any age likes to watch pasta come right out of a pasta machine, as do adults, and friends love it as a gift.  Making your own pasta is also an economical pursuit and teaches old "rituals" that can be looked forward to.  Whether it is making your own bread, ice cream or yogurt, our e-cookbooks help you explore and eventually master a different area of food preparation as time permits.   Click here to see all of our e-cookbooks and here for spiral bound versions of our most popular books.   

25 Ways to Set an Interesting Table

The Kitchen:  Simply organizing your kitchen will give you resources that forgot or did not know you had.  Many items thought long lost will reappear.   We lay our spices flat in a drawer and place this in alphabetical order.  We hang our kitchen utensils from hooks across the kitchen wall.    To freshen up a kitchen, usually a few new dish towels and/or oven mitts are all that is needed, along with a good cleaning of the appliances and floor. As we get into Unique Recipes, I do want to make mention that for the kitchen in general Kerr Jelly Jars in the 8 Ounce sizes are a beautiful and economical addition to your drinking glasses.  They are sold at Wal-mart and run about 50 cents each.  You can't beat the very "country" relaxed look.  The jar to the top right is a 4 ounce version of the Kerr jar.  

Our vanilla powder in the 6 ounce stand up pouch is the most unique and versatile product on the market and in the kitchen.  Just a little goes a long way.  It can harden with moisture, so it is not best stored in a shaker.  Our vanilla powder is just that--spray dried and attached to a dextrose base.  Used as a condiment for coffee, tea and chai as well as on fresh strawberries, and in dry mason jar recipes. Those allergic to chocolate have been making "Hot Vanilla Drink" instead of hot cocoa, with 1 tsp of powdered vanilla and 2 tsps of dry non-dairy coffee creamer or milk to every 8 ounces of hot water.     

Our Claim to Fame

In case you were interested,  Stacked Cookie Recipes in Mason Jars, (shown below) is where we got our start.  This evolved to Stacked Cookie Volume I, Volume II and Volume III.  The success of these unique recipes inspired Stacked Dinners in Mason Jars, (shown left) Stacked Cake Mixes in Mason Jars and our FAVORITE Stacked Granola, shown bottom left. The rest is history. Last year we become intrigued with the idea of cooking a brownie or cake right in the jar and from that we developed Kalhua Brownies Baked in JarsClick here for Stacked Dinners in Jars Recipes.



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