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Shipping Policy

We have a minimum order of $25.00, not including shipping.  Shipping is approximately 5 business days, although we do try for same day turn around.

Outside the Continental U.S. the minimum order is $100.00 and shipping transit is a good 10 days.  Addresses must be exact.  Any extra shipping fees will be requested before packages are sent.  Please do not order anything you know Customs will not like, such as items that can be construed as food.  Buying international you agree Customs may mess up your packages.  We service the countries below. 

Australia Canada Hawaii Ireland Israel S. Africa  Emirates U. K.



We generally ship via UPS except for as described above.   You will get a USPS confirmation when we batch out for the day.  International orders may be sent UPS or whatever carrier is most reasonable.  That means your order could be on its way and we have not batched out yet for you to see it. 

Federal Express Tracking Link

United States Postal Service Tracking Link

UPS Tracker

Canadian Express Post

School and Youth Group Discount

This discount is 20% off the total purchase not counting shipping fees.  We are thrilled to offer this substantial discount to any type of school, college, university, or any other non-profit program that supports youth or At-Risk-Youth Programs.  Please do not use this discount code unless you are representing such and the products are going to an official mailing address.  Any abuse of this discount and we will keep your money and donate it to a 501-C-3 program of our choice.  The code is:  school and that simple code should go in your order form at the time of order.  It is case sensitive.  If you are using this code--please give us 5 extra business days because chance are good you are buying a lot of the same product.  If you need it in a hurry, please do not use the code.  Home Schools are great and you can use the code as long as you are prepared to prove you are home schooling. 


Adobe Product Name

Refer a Friend.  Earn a $10 Gift Certificate every time you refer a friend!  Referral is the heart of any good business and after 6 years we can say we have our act together in every division. If you refer a friend who has never ordered from us before, whether it be via Catalog or a purchase from our Web Site, they can use the $5 gift coupon above with their order one time, code is GIFT as well as mention any order number you have placed.  That way we know exactly who to send a one time $10 Gift certificate on any order or we may opt to Pay Pal you $10.  The number would be on your header such as this one:  Mabel White Shopping Cart Order #004380.  So, you would tell your friend to include #004380 in the comment section of the order form.  Again, that is how we know you.  Refer as many people as you like with your number!