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Mabel White's Home Living Issue









Letter from the Editor

One of the most important things we can do in life is to guard our health.  If not for our own health, we need to do it stay well  for the people around who depend on us.  Everyone is prone to believe they are infallible until they do experience a serious illness. "An ounce of prevention is worth of pound of cure" applies to almost every area of our lives.  For example, sometimes we get so stressed out, we forget to take vitamins or eat well.  We need vitamin support more than ever when we are under pressure. Some vitamins control weight loss and in their absence we may become over weight just by virtue of lack of certain vitamins and minerals. I decided to start each day off right, with a system I used years ago, I call the...  

Morning Blast

A truly powerful way to start the day!  As a person who just dislikes taking handfuls of vitamin's and then burping up minerals all day, I found a powered system that works great for me called "All in One."  It is a heaping tablespoon of a nice tasting powdered vitamins and chelated minerals. Chelated means the body has a much better chance of absorbing them.  It cost around $1 a day as each can is around $32 and provides a months supply.  

Here is what they say:

Get all the nutrition of a healthy diet in one convenient and powerful formula. The nutrients in All One are formulated for optimal balance, by using a unique amino acid bonding process with pure vitamins and minerals, the All One formula is designed to be completely digestible for gradual absorption. The minerals are chelated so absorption is easier. No more pills and bottles- one formula, one scoop, once a day. Again I do not get paid for endorsements.

My Morning Blast Smoothie, takes five minutes--and I now don't leave home without it!  In fact that is the first thing I do when I get up so at least I have one head start on the day. In my smoothie you will notice I add wheat germ for more fiber, coconut oil we have been raving about, honey, a natural antibiotic, yogurt for digestion and other benefits, bee pollen for energy and a banana for more potassium and fiber.  Also, if I miss eating the rest of the day at least I had the essentials covered.  I do aim for a big salad at lunch now and grilled meats and vegetables for dinner, another easy to make and clean up meal.

Morning Blast Smoothie 

1/2 Cup of Plain Yogurt, 1/2 Cup of Fruit Juice, 1 Scoop of the All in One, 1 Banana, Honey to Taste, 2 Tablespoons of Bee Pollen, 4 Tablespoons of Wheat Germ, and 3 Tablespoons of Coconut Oil.  Blend well and drink!  You can also add a scoop of strawberry preserves, powdered vanilla or whatever else you consider palatable.

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Comments on Coconut Oil

Click here the previous scoop on the coconut oil miracle. Since then I have heard my own staff mention direct application did clear up ear infections and then this great lady wrote this:  

Maria Morris:  I've been finding some great personal uses for the coconut oil.  The discussion group mentioned using a thin film of it underarms...you know it is the best I've used in the 'natural' realm; even better than my mineral stone.  Also on a gum or tooth sensitivity flare-up.  I had a filling and the gum tissue was scraped, almost immediately after allowing some of the virgin coconut oil on it, the pain/irritation disappears.  I'm sure that adding some oils etc to the 'recipe' would still work as well and you would have some new additions for your monthly menus.  Her name is Maria Morris and she swears by eating a few teaspoons of coconut oil a day.  I found a great was you incorporate it into my morning blast smoothie, see above.

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Bubble Art for Decor

I am about to create something interesting to go above my living room couch.  It needs to about four foot wide and three feet tall.  Most every color in my home is a safe off white, so I need a splash of color.  I expect whatever I create or buy to be smashing, truly moving, provoke thought and cost under $30 to create.  I like the photo at the top of the page and believe it or not, that is a photograph of a real soap bubble up close.  These photos were created by Pekka Parviainen a very talented photographer and free lance writer living in Turku, Finland.

Pekka Parviainen has a focus on the natural elements, mathematics, science, and their connection with phenomena's such as the Aurora Borealis If I cannot locate his lithographs, or web site again, I will try to use watercolor with his work as an inspiration.  I may also seek two smaller lithographs or canvas to compliment the main photo around other areas of the home.  

I may buy a canvas the size I need and make one big heart stencil, using it to create 8 hearts on the canvas, 4 across and 4 under those.  Each of the hearts can have these bright colors show through in varying beauty.  I saw this done before in a more country look, still very soothing and uplifting.  That is the purpose of art.

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How to Cure Soap in Two Hours

This article is pretty much for those already into CP. I love making cold process soap because it is all natural. Cold process soap also gives off a very clean and sexy smell the stores just cannot offer.  Very rarely do you see real soap in the stores.  What you do see is "bars" of chemicals.  It took me a year to get past the fear of using lye, but once I did, I am an addict on making my own soap.  Not only are my soaps much higher quality than store bought, it is much more economical, averaging 40 cents a bar to make.  I usually make a few dozen bars six times a year.  The one set back about the cold process method has ALWAYS been the 4-6 weeks it takes to cure and achieve a PH balance of about 10.  A PH of 10-11 is normal for real soap.  Click thumbnail to the right for a great view. 

Embossing the Soap with the Price:  A few weekends ago, a friend and I went to a nearby Greek VillageHotSoapsAwesome.JPG (138354 bytes) and visited a soap shop that I just fell in love with.  All their soaps were 100% olive oil, but they had many different colors and scents. I did make a comment that it must take hours to trace.  They used no real fats at all.  The most curious thing I found was that they embossed a number on each soap, like 5, 6, 7.  I asked what that was all about and they said the number represented the price of the soap.  $1 per ounce, so a five ounce bar was marked with a five.  I could not wait to get home to try that!  Then comes this story...

Curiosity Killed the Cat:  More recently a customer called me and asked me many questions about making bath items, and when we got to the cold process soap subject, she already had that mastered.  I mentioned not liking the 4-6 weeks curing time and she told me she cures her soap in just a few hours in the oven.  When I asked her how she managed that, I could not believe my ears.  She told me it was "a secret."  I guess I can respect a secret until it steps over the boundaries of just simply helping another person be productive and also I did not sense she spent years to invent any certain patent.  I respect patents.  But her answer to me was patently selfish. She stuck to her guns and never did tell me how to cure soap in two hours.

Satisfaction Brought it Back:  So, after working all this weekend on web research and empirical data (making it hands on) I made the best CP soap that I have ever made and it did cure in two hours!  That means my family can start using it the next day.  Let's start with giving credit to this lady named Karen Stark who set up a web page a few years ago to properly explain how she invented a "30-Minute Microwave Hot Process Soap Method" that taught me worlds.  Click here to see her data.

The Two Hour Process 

I determined to just bake my soap in the oven after trace at 175 degrees for 2 and half hours.  Each glass bread pan loaf yielded me two pounds of finished soap.  I choose to make a man's spice type soap with clove oil, orange oil, vanilla and lots of real grounded clove for color.  I also decided to make lavender soap with real lavender buds and purple coloration.  I cannot describe how beautiful they came out and sliced!

For Those Who Need to Know More:  First I put on my rubber gloves and then my large Oxford shirt.  Order is important. I prepared the lye in the sink in a large jug.  While I waited for the lye to drop to 110 degrees (about 30 minutes) I sprayed two glass bread pans with Pam.  The ingredients for your soap can be any run of the mill cold process recipe.  I used half canola oil and half palm kernel oil for this batch.  When I was at trace, "the pudding stage," I separated the batch in half--one to mix with the clove and bay rum style soap I was after and one to do lavender.  I had to work quickly as the pudding tends to seize up when fragrances and such are added.  I then poured the mixtures into the two pan's and waited anxiously for the two and a half hours to pass.  I saw the tops bubble up a bit, while peeking in the oven, but no big deal.  I did line the racks with aluminum foil before hand, just in case. When the time was up I whipped them out and let the soap cool on the top of the oven.  After an hour I put the glass pans in the freezer for a few minutes and was able to pop them right out of the pan with no problem.  I was also able to slice them right away and emboss them with numbers too.  They were not raw and did not hurt my hands.  

My daughter thought it was a blast to weigh the soap and stamp it with the price.  Chances are I will be just giving the soap away, but it was fun to do it.  The only set back I see about hot process is that you really cannot control the very top of the bar exposed to the oven.  That does need to be cut off.  Anything under it is great, even the lavender buds I placed at the bottom of one pan and star anise at the bottom of the other, looked just great.  So, all this to say I will never fight with PVP pipes anymore, have to stand on them to make raw soap go through, find a tons of space for them to "air" and then wait weeks to enjoy the product.  I also feel I have more control over seeing the product and solving pocket issues when using the glass pans than I ever did with PVC pipe.  

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The Clorox Ready Mop

I do not get paid to endorse any product, but I have to say the new Clorox mop is everything they say it is, and my kids love to use it!  I guess you can say it also makes moping more fun and I find it keeps from having a dirty mop around in general.  What does Clorox have to say?

It's All Together. The revolutionary Clorox™ Ready Mop™ mopping system brings together everything you need to clean your floors. The trigger on this specially designed mop lets you control exactly how much cleaner you want to use, and the swivel head gives you the maneuverability to reach all of those hard to clean places.

The ready-to-use Advanced Floor Cleaner is formulated to quickly dissolve dirt and grease. Because the cleaner is on board, you don't have to fill a bucket with water or mix your own solution. No rinsing required. Just after purchasing a next box of sheets, we add a little lemon grass or peppermint oil and seal for future use. 

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How to Decorate a Window Box

  I have a window box above my sink that used to display eight terracotta pots with real flowers in them.  It was a smashing idea, but not when you fly allot and you come home to dead flowers.  

I disgust I emptied the pots and stuck dry floral foam in each pot to the level of the pot.  I then used a glue gun to glue fake, but very real looking artificial flowers such as Geraniums, and Hyacinth.  Everyone thinks they are real and I have not had to water them for two years, which also caused a different mess when I was into watering.    

For the artificial flowers I would just pick what I wanted on sale and cut them stems off if they were too big for my project.  Sorry photo was taken on a rainy day!

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Organizing Your Utensils

What good are all of the gadgets you buy if you cannot have a moments access to them?  I find digging through drawers for just one whisk to be a real waste of time.  

Since then I found a way to hang all of my nicer utensils across my wall and this also serves for functional design.  

I found hooks that went six across in white at home depot and bought four sets.  The rest is history!

What you see below are items such as wheat germ and other dry products I did not like in bags and set in mason jars.

Stop digging through drawers!


Organizing Your Spices works about the same way.  I just line mine up in drawer, alphabetical when possible, so I do not have to dig through cupboards and I can see what I am low on. Click spice thumbnail on left for better viewing.  You will notice handy toothpicks in there.

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Edgar Cayce: Worth Reading

I have studied the life of Edgar Cayce for twenty years since I selected him from a list of people in history class to write about while in high school. Boy am I ever so glad I did!  Here is a man who was divinely inspired at a young age to heal other people after a friend of his lost his voice.  He prayed in earnest that his friend be healed and he got more than he prayed for.  This gift of healing cost him much ridicule, but he was gifted.  

Even back then he knew pine tar baths were good to help heal eczema and psoriases as well as some other skin conditions.  He knew many things we are just admitting now.  He could go into a divine trance and read a persons body, often finding the appearing disease was not related to the real problem and that spinal adjustments fixed many ailments.  He said all energy flows through the spine and when hindered, many things can arise.  He recommended green light for healing, so for many years I kept green light bulbs in my kids rooms.  He knew light and color has vibration and purpose even back then.  Cayce said peanut oil is most akin to the skins chemistry and warm packs can heal many ailments, including castor oil packs.  There is just so much more that he had to say that made sense, you just must read all of his work.  You will not be bored.  And he covered almost every subject before his death.  

At one point he was arrested for "fortune telling" and stood before a Judge.  The Judge said "I will tell you what, if you can heal my daughter, you are free to go."  Well, Cayce did go into a trance and did isolate and solve the problem.  After that the Judge announced he "would not and could put an ecclesiastical body in jail."

Never charging a fee for his services, he only had the energy to handle two patients a day.  He was a photographer by trade.  Only when a slick oil man tried to hire him, did he betray his gift, found oil, and then was very sorry because many people died on the oil jobs he located.  After a period of time he was given back his gift to heal.  To learn more about Mr. Cayce please click this link.  I plan to start reading his books all over again after a few years away from it.  I would love to visit his library and institute in Virginia Beach someday.  This site may give better credit to his son who now runs the foundation.    

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Did You Know?

  • 1/2 rose fragrance oil and 1/2 vanilla fragrance oil make the scent of baby powder?

  • A little citric acid in a dishwasher will clean it.

  • An almond a day, not an apple keeps the Doctor away?  (Edgar Cayce)  

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