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Welcome to Mabel's Archives

2011 Articles on other Platforms:

Easter 2010     Spring Cleaning 2010     Mother's Day 2010

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Period Narrative 


Thanksgiving Edition 2009 

Turkey Brine Recipe, Wassail Recipes, Corn Casserole Recipe, Roasting Coffee Beans, Christmas Cheat Sheet.





Halloween Edition

October Fest!  Make your own canned pumpkin-made easy, Cran-Raspberry Jelly recipe, H1N1 tips,  Star Spangled Pumpkins, Syrup d'Pastor.




Product inside the Apothecary and summer news. What would you put in your own skin care line?  We made one to find out!  Mabel's Precious Oils Skin Care Line.  Eat breakfast to loose weight.  Why our water supply should be your biggest concern.




Exterior of New Apothecary and decorating exteriors on a shoe string budget, faux gardening and more. 


Preliminary Grand Opening of 1st Bath and Body Apothecary.  Layout and design - Old Town Spring, TX.  Really beautiful Apothecary layout.


Easter 2009 Edition.  The Life of Beatrix Potter & Peter Rabbit, iYogi remote tech support as a viable solution to PC issues, iron your clothes with a spray can of "wrinkle release." 


St. Patrick's Day Edition, Best of web jokes sent to MW, Best Current Movie rentals, Spring Cleaning, and a serious discussion about cyber bullying, cyber squatting, and impact on our families and kids.



Valentines Edition 2009 Selecting and Arranging Real Looking Silk Flowers, Extending the life of your flowers, extending the life of your perfume, Green Tea Bath and Body Recipes. 




Chinese New Year 2009 Edition, The Macys, Dillard's, Et Al Federal Court Order Diabolical Mess; Denied Your Free Product?  Possible options.  Letter from a 86 Year Old Model Bank Customer to inspire us all! 


How I lost 38 pounds in 90 days, alli diet, Overcoming the Plateau effect, Quitting Smoking and CHANTIX, other Demons, the Economy.



Thanksgiving Edition Turkey Brine Recipe, Corn Casserole Recipe, Wassail North Carolina Drink Recipe, Christmas Gifts you can start making NOW!  No Bake Fruit Cake Recipe [Famous.] 

Castile Soap Cut it, Stamp it, Sculpt it, Shred it, cubes and snowballs!  



Halloween Edition Ladies Spray Your Brooms, Make Several Gifts from a few bottles of fragrance oil:  Room Spray,  Reed Diffuser, Hand Sanitizer and more!  Cell Phone Don't Call List. 



MWHL Etsy 2008 Holiday Awards, Mrs. McCartney's Tea, the Benefits of Everclear  and the value of Dyer Balls, Grou.ps the best on-line chat wiki blog FREE forum!


MSM a miracle of a salt, Pain Management with MSM and Epsom, Why commercial detergents are so toxic, And the best mop is.....  Essential Oils Blends and Collections.


The beauty of natural Castile Liquid Soap,  Aromatherapy Cleaning and Green formulas & techniques!  Supplies 


Super Easy Mother's Day Gift Idea, Mabel's Miracle Bulgarian Lavender and Lemon and Vanilla product line offer, The Art of Economy- Going  Green with Class continued, Beat the Skeets this summer with Mabel's Miracles.



Mabel's Miracles Product Line: Mustard Seed Soak for Detoxing and RLS Foot Bath, Bee Pollen Therapeutic Hand Creme, Natural Wax Jelly in a Jar, No-Itch-At-All after Bah Body Splash, Bee Pollen & Green Tea Oil.


Easter Ideas Edition, Egg Coloring Techniques,  Cup Cake Decorating, SPA DAY! basic Food Color mixing chart for egg decorating, bath salts, bath seltzers and more, Spring Herb Garden Picks.



NEW! The Working Class Diet, The Diet You CAN afford...Valentine Issue: Love Yourself, Chanel #22 and Perfume Crafting, Roseanne Barr and the Oglala Lakota Indian Children, To Thine Own Self be True.


Christmas Issue:  All Mabel "How to" videos free showing December 2007.  Fragrance Oils:  New Apothecary packaging and values.




Making Lotion:  "Free Pouring," What Products Sell Best?  New Search Tool, Top Ten Holiday Scents, Top Ten Holiday Flavors, Natural Preservatives: Milk and Sugar Enzymes: Gloxi - Glucose oxidase and lactoperoxidase, clearance on Chocolate molds.  



Shea Oil: The Superior, Cloudy Room Sprays?  Try Clarity, Coffee Color Candle Techniques, Free Coffee Butter Offer, RLS Thoughts, My Faux Coffee, Honey-O-Bit recipe.




Artist Showcase




The Power of Etsy.  "The" platform to buy and sell hand made goods, meet great people, learn and succeed.  Making and Marketing.  Lotion in a Bag, Notes for Lotion Makers.  New coffee scrub, private label labs, and private label promo lip balm.




Starting your own bath and body care business, Is it bloating or something else? Mabel On Demand - On Line Video Tutorials are here!  International Shipping Desk and Mabel Memberships have  re-opened. 





Summer Camp:  Sun Protection Formula, SPF, Mother's Day Ideas, PDF for Sun Block Lotion Formula & Les Covent des Minimes, Ice Everything,  YouTube.





Aroma Reed Diffuser Base, Mabel Français, Edible Love Lotion Flavor Powders, Virtual Assistant U, PC Issues to Watch For, By the Sink Germ Buster, Revised Fa-Breeze Formula.





Allergy City and Tactics,Pet Food Recall-Menu Foods, MRSA-Super Bug Super Mom, Our Employee as seen on The Today Show, Self Magazine, etcetera.  Understanding the Bee Colony Collapse Disorder.  Comments for Bath and Body Making Newbies.  Roseanne Barr and Acorn.org





Caring for Valentine Roses, Ringing in the New Year 2007!  Cultural focus:  Chinese New Year, Green Tea Bath and Body Recipes, Green Tea Face Mask Formula, About Tea for Newbie's, About Tea for Affinados, Green Tea Food Recipes, RecipeView, Start Making Soap:  Saving Your Carrier Oils that are Due to Expire, Naturally Extending the Life of Your Precious Perfume and Oils. 




Making Gift Baskets, Canine Holiday, Wassail Recipe, Going Greener, It's in the Water, Holiday Oldies but Goodies, Most Requested Elder Gifts, Secret No Bake Fruit Cake Recipe, 101 Gift Ideas Under $5.




Essence of Mabel: Autumn 2006  Holiday Desserts-Cheaters Method,  Lisa's County Clip Art, Pumpkin Chai & other Pumpkin Recipes, The Pie Lady,  Going Green,    Best Air Freshener Methods, the Loving the Magic Bullet, Rocket vs. the Magic Bullet.



Herbal Issue:  Growing your own herbs, Stevia vs. Sugar, The Dandel-Aide Diet, Skin Cancer:  Attributes of Parsley vs. Spinach,  Advantages of Caffeine in Topical Skin Care Preparations, Harry's Herbal Teas, Appetizers in a Snap,  Gutter PVC Herbal Soap, Garden Water Retention Beads, Good Housekeeping 1955.

06/20/2006 Entertaining Ideas, Say no to Edible Butters, Massage Oils, Crèmes--and why.


Mabel's Weekly Journal   This journal will reflect advanced notes and findings on many subject articles below.  If you are new, please refer to the basic recipes and formulas below to catch up to speed.  Articles below cover making, marketing, labeling and selling home beauty products, crafts, creative home ideas and more. Dry, Itchy Skin and Sun Block Solutions.


Making Perfect Bath Bombs, Early American Apothecary, More Water-Less Oil Lotion Formula, My First Retail Line, How to Keep Labels Waterproof, Paraffin Dips, Fibromyalgia Approaches, My Beauty Secrets.


Making Soy Wax Bears, Reducing Your Cost of Things, Sinitis and Flu Solutions, Bubble Powder, London and Bill Nighy, Gold Labels for Packaging, A Customers Funny Point of View.


Baby Bootee Powder Recipe, Bauble Bar Formula, Royal Rice Pudding Recipe, Making Rustic Wall Decor with Beeswax, Aspirin Crème, Making Dior Type Sheer Lip Gloss, Making Panini's with your Waffle Maker, Rose Hip Facial Scrub, James Blunt, Ask Ringo.


Culpepper's Winter Tea Recipe, Gold Bond Secrets, Cute Card to Send, Essential Oil Blending Chart, Amending Commercial Bath Bombs and Salts, Chris Rock: Pharma Roll, Why London is so Cool.


SoHo Smoothie Recipe, Making a Double Bow for a Vase, Bath Salt Therapy, Zinc Oxide Benefits, London: Health Secrets Unlocked, Massage Therapy Oils:  Cost and Comparison,  Potpourris Bath Teas, Spice Aroma Recipes for Chocolate Warmers, Facial Mask Recipes.


Corn Casserole Recipe, Willy & Sonoma Turkey Brine Recipe, Making Wreaths and Fire Starters, Best Item for $19.95, Thanksgiving Cheat Sheets, Christmas Cheat Sheets, Best No Bake Fruit Cake Recipe.


How to Package Your Products Elegantly and Affordably, Mabel's Village Default Page, The Bottom Line:  What Do You Save?  245/140 to Houston, Dog Talk, Farmer's Market, The Best Books, DVD's and Movies Out Now.


Mabel's Diet: A Diet that Does Work, A New Air Gel Freshener Recipe, Better Facial Skin at No Cost, Outrageous Basil, Fresh Coffee in Seconds, Treasure Hunt and Special Sales, More Chocolate Gift Ideas, Lip Plumpers: Our Experience! The Resume of Jesus Christ, Curriculum Vitae.


Floral Design, Melt and Pour Chocolate Making, Attaché' Mabel Signature Rose, Cuticle Balm Stick Recipe, Blemish Stick Formula, Making Solid Perfumes, Natural Face Toners and Make Up Removers.


Making Candles Focus, the best oil based dyes for bright colors, easy sand/shell candles, How to Make Candles Video is ready, using glue dots, Crafts:  What's Hot and What is Not, hormone balancer revisited, and a new art called "Matik."


Fifth Anniversary Edition!  The Mabel White House, Setting Your Table Like and Architect, Petal Pushovers, Decorating Drinks, Project Guide, New Products, New Absolutes (Absolutely) and Essential Oil Blends, The Best Vaccum on Earth, Cheer Up and Clean!, Bee Pollen Oil Benefits, The Best of Mabel White!


Breakthroughs!  Natural Oil Based Sweetener, Vegetable Glycerin, Food Color Chart Poster, Waxing with Sugar, Cosmetic Chemistry, New Techniques-New Methods, Things to Grind, Participating Education: Montessori Techniques.


Home Economics, Being a Wiser Consumer, A Beginners Perspective, Hydrosols: Additional Weapons in Your Aromatherapy Arsenal, Plasti-Dip, Making Liquid Soaps, Castile by the Slice, Goats Milk Soap by the Slice, The Soap Rebatcher.


Wedding City, Rebatching Soap, Dips and Chili Mixes, Lotion and Conditioner Pearls, Shampoo Pearls, Vinaigrettes, Salsa's, and Truffles, Saving Chocolate, Deals and New Stock, Canker Sore Relief.   


De-Commercializing the Holidays, Chill Out Cardamom Drink Recipe, Pumpkin Smoothie Recipe,  Random Acts of Kindness, Power Lip Balm Recipe, Our "Get Real" Diet, Tamper Proof Made Easy, My Favorite Things, Essential Oils for the Holidays.   


Making Body Sprays and Splashes, Immediate Results!  Scrubs, Edible Love Dust, Covering Your Basis on Preservatives, Germaben II E, Seasonal Buzz Words, Soytanicals, Spice Magnet,  Hurricane Preparedness, Eczema & Shingles Support, Contact Dermatitis, Essential Oils 101 Vol. VIII, Rhassoul Clay & Hydrosol Facial Collections.


Packaging Solutions, Soya Lecithin, Handwriting Analysis, Mabel's New Look for Fall, Revised Books 2005, Bathroom Chemist Video is Ready!  News Flash for CP and HP Soapers:  Red Devil Lye now seems to have lime in it and causes a white film on the lye part.  Soap comes out OK, but not great.


The Savvy Consumer, The Truth About Shea Butter, Engelhardt for Men, Defensive Gardening, Maid Holistic, Natural Cleaning Methods, In the Garden, Melt and Pour Soap Basics, the attributes of Bulgarian Lavender.


Six Herb by Numbers Map, The Chef's Kitchen, Essentially Yours, Storing Seeds and Propagation, Making SoyWaxCandles for Outdoors and Marble Cold Process Soap Technique, Bug Off Recipe, Natural Wax Jelly, Microgreens Kit, Agave Granola Recipe, Kidney Stones: The Rock of Gibraltar, No Oil in Pasta Water.  


Mother's Day Issue:  Designer Fragrance Oils, Agave Nectar as Edible Love Lotion, SoyWax™ and Wicks, Say "I Love You" with Lavender, Deep Friend Strawberries from Chef Greg, Things to Do with Lavender, Balsamico! And More!


Welcome Chef Gregory Engelhardt, What is a Chef?  Essential Oils Version III, Better than Vicks, PC 101, Micro Greens, Chef Greg's Garden, Mabel's Edible Flower Garden, Tamper Proof Packaging.  


Best Seller:  It's LOVE!  Patchouli in a Tin, Melt and Pour Soap Recipes, The Ultimate Preservative Phenonip, Instant Chai Recipe, Make Your Own Lemon and Honey Cough Drops, Pink Grapefruit Everything, Lotion Q&A, Soy Candle Making Q@A. 


Antioxidants and Preservatives, How to make a candle in two minutes, Au Natural Deodorant Recipe, Dendritic Salt: A Life Extender, The Benefits of Rosemary Oleoresin, Making Lip Jelly, Spray Mister Recipes, The Power of a Mason Jar, Candelilla and Carnauba Waxes, Essential Oils 101. 


How to Make Lotion in a Blender, One Step Lotion Making, How to Make Labels for Your Products, Holistic Pet Care, The Cutest Bird Houses on Earth! Making Cleansing Cream, How to Make Soy Candles.


Oh Boy, It's SoyWax The Story about SoyWax™, Natural Sunscreens for Lip Balm, Natural SoyWax™Recipes, Supply Store Price Reductions, Meet Gabrielle, Only 225,000 Hours to Go!, Recycle Everything You CAN,   New Years Resolutions, Great Quotes from Great Ladies, Private Label, Shake and Make Bath Salts.  


FDA Product Labeling Rules 101, Kitchen Table Sales, Jell-O Air Freshener Recipe, Jell-O Face Mask Recipe, Revamp Your Old Christmas Decorations, Coffee, Sugar and Salt Scrub Basic Formula, Tang the Dang Dishwasher, Cooking with Pure Citrus Oils, Holiday Gifts in a Snap.  


Saving Money Making Gifts and Recycling Issue:  Save Money on Bath Salts, Water vs. Oil Based Fragrance Oil, Making Fizzy Bath Salts, Scents of the Season, Cakes Baked in Mugs, How to Make Gift Baskets DVD is Ready!


More Holiday Gift Making Ideas!  Edible Christmas Tree, Making Chocolate Dipped Stirrer Spoons, A New Angle on Scent Throw, Making Gourmet Coffee Gifts, Mabel's First Collector's Item, Free Pour Ready Made SoyWax™ Candle Base, Easy Spin on Deserts, New Holiday Items Just In. 


Having a BALL: Gifts in Mason Jars, Gift Basket Assembly, Fruit and Popcorn Ball Recipe, Herbes de Provence Recipe, Cheeseburger Chowder Recipe, Master Tonic: A Natural Antibiotic Recipe, Herbal Medicine Chest, Holiday Recipe Post Cards to e-Mail,  Dry Frappuccino Recipe, New Holiday Items Just In.


Saving Seeds from Plants, Pumpkin Smoothie Recipe, Black Cumin Oil Mystery, Balm of Gilead,  Pumpkin Chowder Recipe, Made in America,  Foods that Burn Calories, Winsor Pilates, Farmer's Market Spices, Hot Vanilla Drink Recipe, Hot Carob Drink Recipe, Holiday eBook Special.  


Bubble Art Results, Bath Bomb Troubleshooting, Cure for Soaper's Hands, Recycle Soap Chips, Pine Tar Soap for Eczema and Psoriases Sufferers, You Can be Creative, Blemish Stick Recipe, Bath Bombs for Dishwasher's!, Peppermint Breath Elixir, Jasmine Coconut Rice or Green Tea Rice.   


Bubble Art for Decor, How to Cure Soap in Two Hours!  How to Decorate a Window Box, How to Organize Spices and Utensils, The Gift of Edgar Cayce, Morning Blast Smoothie Recipe, The New Clorox Mop.  
08/18/2003  Just for Kids Issue: All About Bubbles, Making Side Walk Chalk, Making Jell-O Air-Freshener, Making Face Paint, World's Greatest Play Dough Recipe, Treasure Hunt, Making Frosted Votive Candles Holders,  Did You Know?
08/08/2003  Making Liquid Soaps, Lotions and Crèmes,  Oils with Healing Properties, Making Carrot Oil, Oriental Pistachio Ice Cream, Coconut Oil Miracle, Vacuum Salts, Did You Know?
07/28/2003  Making Rose Powder, Downy Soap, Vacuum Beads, Lunch Box Recipes, Jerky Recipes, Cool Dehydrator Projects, Soap Flakes, Fisherman's and Hunter's Soap, Candy Soap, Things to do with Tins, Did You Know?
07/10/2003  Entertaining in the Summer, Foods that Impress, Up Grade with Godiva, Ice Bottles with Roses, Tropical Smoothie Recipe, Packaging Bath Bombs and Soap with Paper, Delivering Bath Salts in a Chinese Take-Out, Pantry Basics, Making Cereal, Purity Cleaning Chart, Did You Know?
06/20/2003  Fourth of July 2003 Edition, Ready Dough & Cinnamon Buns, Making Flavored Vinegars, Oh Honey!, Ice Bowls. Floral Designs for the 4th, 3 Fat Chicks on a Diet, Sparks, Patriotic Soaps and Candles, 4th of July Blue Prints,  Did You Know?
06/06/2003  Making Your Own Yogurt, Bouquet Basics,  Making Magnets and Frames, Nuclear Bath Bombs, Patterns You Can Use, Soaps with a Purpose, Making Your Own Sweet Cleaners, Aroma Tarts, Did You Know?
05/26/2003  The Art of Being Happy, Rose Garden Cocktails, Packaging Charm, Bath Salt City, Home Made Fabric Softener, Aromatherapy and Recipes, Preservatives for Toiletries, Did You Know?
05/10/2003  Making Gourmet Lollipops, Chocolate Parfume, Making Citronella Soy Candles for Out Doors,  Mosquito Patrol, Selling Ideas for Up Coming Season, Dream Pillows, Fresh Produce,   Father's Day Ideas, Making Shaving Soap, Making Lotion, Sachet Ideas.
04/30/2003  Mother's Day Ideas, Herb Garden, Family Magnetic Photos, How to Recycle Pretty Bottles, Making a Bouquet of Cookies and Fortune Cookies, Chemistry and Math for Kids, Natural Coloration, Packaging Soap in Shells, Lemon Poppy Seed Soap, Fragrance Uses, Did You Know?  How to Remove Permanent Ink.   
04/10/2003  Bath Ice Cream, Easter Egg Surprises, Making Wine Charms, Custom Ceramic Tile, Packaging Ideas for Soap Makers, Toffee Apple Salad, Tiny Piñatas, Seared Tuna 
04/05/2003 Fragrance Oil Blending, Almond Milk, Skin Care Products That Heal, Guinness Soap, Vita Balm, Beer Bread, Coconut Ice Cream, Basic Chili Secret, Pretzel Jell-O
03/20/2003 Going to the Downy Ball, Making Bath Oil Beads, Repair Stained Clothes, Truly Soft Sheets, Making Lip Balm Lockets.
02/01/2003 Balms, Bombs and Beads, Making Bath Teas with Heart Shaped Coffee Filters, Valentines Traditions, Making Chocolates as Good as Godiva, Cheap Ways to Add Life to Your House, Notes for the Soap Makers.
01/15/2003 Quarterly Bread, More Chai Notes, Meat Rubs and Cachet of Spices, Barbeque Sauce, Making Your Own Essential Oils and Extracts, Pickled Carrots, Craft Utility ebook, Making a Kitchen Deodorizer Bar.
01/01/2003 Chai and I, Variations of Chai, New Years Resolutions, Weight Loss, Aromatherapy 2003, Making Lip Balm
12/15/2002 Christmas Tree Care, Refurbish Your Christmas Tree Decorations, Decorate Crispy Treats!, Ten Best Wines Under $15, Christmas Cookie Decor Kits.
11/15/2002 Making Soft Pretzels, Neiman Marcus $250 Cookie Recipe, Selling Your Crafts, Country Dried Drink Mix Recipes, Sweet Tomatoes Recipes, Soap Making Ideas, Broccoli Cheesecake Recipe, Hand Made Gifts.


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