Christmas 2007 My Gift to All!  Now Showing...Candles, Soap, Floral, Chocolate...Videos




Letter from the Editor:   We are having a 30% off sale in the supply room - discount code is santa       

I am very fortunate to be able to give the gift of my work to everyone this year!  For the remainder of December 2007, you or your loved ones can watch all of my "How to" Videos on line.  In February they will be relocated and returned to items for purchase.  I do recommend viewing in non-peak internet hours--or they may cut off.    *What is peak, depends upon your provider.  I really am thrilled to touch the lives of many people, of all age groups, and extend a glimmer of happiness that I have, as well as the comforting knowledge all things are possible.  Also, I have a lot of friends on the internet, who never had seen my videos-as well as hearing of many more people in the general public who have been trying to "save up the money" to watch them.  Many of these people gave me encouragement during my darkest moments--I was very sick for almost *two years and fairly healed before this season started.  Not working, per se, the financial walls were also closing in.  Many times I lost hope and was picked up and dusted off by my readers or mentors.  Oddly these films comprise the last work I created before I knew I was sick.  Better now, I can only hope to return the favors by touching who I can.  The gift of empowerment and unconditional love...these have always been the most important things in my walk in the dark!  Please feel free to forward this gift to friends and loved ones.  My Elf Christmas Card to everyone - Click here (The videos just got extended to February because my customers and friends are just sending out their e-mail holiday cards now with this...and they love it!  But some need more time to get their holiday e-mails out.  I am not sure where the next newsletter is going to go, but this section will stay here until February!)

Well everyone step on board!  Get ready to cuddle down and watch your lesson of interest...

The Bathroom Chemist Movie 

Making Candles Pro Movie

Making Gift Baskets Movie

Floral Design 101  Movie

Floral Design 102 Movie

Making Melt and Pour Soaps Movie

Making Melt and Pour Chocolates Movie

*Anyone who cannot view these, try non-peak hours or ordering a hard copy.  I am truly not responsible if the memory on your PC is insufficient or full.  In fact any complaint alluding to a Mabel product impacting a user PC, because it cannot be true,  will result in banning that persons ISP number off the Mabel servers (sites) and that will solve the problem. 


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Fragrances: The New Apothecary Look

The new esters and resins came in this autumn, and I returned to fragrance oil blending and making the highest quality fragrances for room scenting, candle making, and of course, bath and body.  When I was too sick to blend the last few years--and we had to sell what everyone else was--I was begging people not to buy our scents and hold on.  I know what top notes and long duration are supposed to be.  Well, the wait is over! 

The scents came out so succinct and perfect, I did not want to put them in an average cylinder plastic bottle.  It seemed to be a shame, and I refused to treat them as average fragrances.  Keeping the same value price, I decided to put them in what I would use and that is apothecary Boston type rounds with black caps.    In fact all of our products are going in matching packaging when possible.  This way you can collect, and re-use your apothecary ware--even if the fragrance you ordered is going right into a soap or candle project, you can finally save the bottle!  The bottles are pretty and can be used for lotion projects, by the sink for anti-bacteria liquid soap, bubble bath and more.  After January 4th, we will sell black and white pumps for 8 ounce, as well as sprayers.  This way you can turn your 8 ounce bottle into a room spray or pump for liquids.  This is not only a "cool" endeavor, it is a very "green" one.  Start saving your bottles now!


The fragrances are so great we guarantee the 8 ounce sizes or you money back.  No one does that!  We do require you to send us back the unfinished scent.  This applies to 8 ounce only--2 ounce is too petty to mess with and 16 not practical.  Customers who knew about this did not send anything back but long e-mails of elation.  The new packaging applies to 2 and 8 ounce only--and we priced our 8 ounces not far from 16 ounce so you can buy more scents!  Meaning many companies charge more when you are ordering 8 ounces instead of 16 ounces, and we do not.  We enjoy selling them is why!!!  Click here to see our fragrances.

If there are any scents you like we do not have, just ask! 


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Christmas Comments from my customers

I wanted to let you know that I made the body scrub using the espresso and caramel oils I just got from you and some really great ground coffee that I picked up -- along with the coffee butter, it's going to be Christmas gifts for all my work girlfriends, and it is HEAVENLY -- I had to make a set for myself -- The espresso (and caramel, and Tahitian vanilla) scents are TOO wonderful -- I definitely smell good enough to eat !!!

Thanks again, so much for your wonderful products -- they really are the best quality I've ever used.

Happy Holidays !!!!!!!!!!
HSTGS System Test Lead, NASA


Hi Deborah,

Your lip balm supplies were a hit with the ladies! The soy base is just divine. The girls went nuts, and everyone kept asking me where I got everything so of course I kept telling them Mabel White! It was just the best time. Thanks for the great product!



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