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Letter from the Editor


     One great gift for Valentines would be a James Blunt CDClick here about James below.  As Valentines Day is quickly approaching, many readers are asking me for "ideas."   First of all, I consider the traditional activities like going out to dinner the worst because every place is packed.  I would opt for doing something out of the ordinary like buying a bunch of herbs and making a big container for them--and doing this project together in the afternoon.  Take off work in the afternoon, if possible.  Then rent a great movie.  (If that is what you plan to do, make sure you get the movie locked down early.)  And this is the day you can down a whole box of Krispie Crème donuts.  Your body cannot absorb that much fat, although I have no research to back this claim.  Rentals The Wedding Crashers and A Virgin at 40 are both so hysterically funny you should be crying.   Again, a touch adult.  (Nothing our teenagers do not already have over us though.)  Mr. &Mrs. Smith is also a great action movie.

     My Valentine this year will be to a special person in Cornell Universities Microbiology Department, and my daughters in college.    This ones for you, and everyone else I love, click here!  Or the heart at the top of the page.  Valentines is very special to my three daughters and I because I also celebrate it as my birthday, (although is really is the 19th.)  We used to really go "all out" on that day with all kinds of activities and crafty things, but college and interning does make them far apart.  And they sure did help start the company.

    Back to giving a plant, or planting things together;  This is a treasure that should last a long time and not something that will be overly priced, wilt and disappear in a week--such as the traditional roses.  I also consider Valentines the worst week to knowingly buy over priced roses.  During that week--most roses sold are "bullets" cut too young and never do open up anyway.  If you are aiming to be really "different" then name a star after that person, or if you can afford it "write it in the sky."  Click here for naming stars.  I think overall buy that person something they love, but feel they cannot afford.  Perfume and colognes are good bets.  You almost cannot go wrong with Pi for Men or Pleasures for Women.

     In this issue we also discuss new technology in cookware such as the “silicone bake ware” that is just now becoming predominate in the market as well as older technologies such as “beeswax.”  The bake ware takes up to 500 degrees, easy to peel off when the product is cooled and I find fabulous to make soaps, decorations, even bath bombs because they come in so many neat shapes.  They can be found in most cook ware stores and cost anywhere for $6 to $20, but well worth it.  I am sick of my soap molds being so fragile is one point here.  For this reason, I am debating even selling soap molds anymore.  Mabel believes if we can show you where to get things locally, we should just tell you. 

Have Fun and Happy Valentines Day!

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Silicone Bake Ware Great for Making Soap, Decor, and More!

We do not sell these, but they will be paramount to making our life easier when doing crafts.  No more rusty pans is one great thing!  I located a few places on the web to give you an idea of pricing and what is our there.  Click photo to see who makes it and such. 


Beeswax Rustic Wall Decorations

In the UK I learned they use beeswax for more than cosmetics.  They also use it to make rustic looking wall mounts.  Three pounds most wax will give you a really nice large wall decor that I would pay up to $34 for. I used the new silicone (floppy looking pans) that can hold up to 500 degrees.  They are really meant for cakes, cup cakes, tarts and such.  As you will see below, I also use the same as a soap mold.  Almost indestructible and darn easy to peel your product out, this is the best new cooking technology I have come across in a few years.  The heart you see is a BIG heart designed to bake cakes.  If you can see the heart to the left, I ripped that out of a UK magazine.  It was not a lead article piece.  Click thumbnail on right for a close view of what I made.

For ANYONE who has left over waxes of any kind, really, you can do this.  This is a fast and beautiful project for even Mother's Day.  I like the one I made so much, all my staff is curious as to who is getting it.  I guess we all are.  I just do not want to give mine away!   This silicone "pan" is a Hoffritz Large Heart cake pan.  Most outlet malls carry these.  Click here for petals and buds.

To Create:

1 pound of beeswax (or just wax)

4 cups of p-1 SoyWax (or just wax)

Twine (2 feet)

A good time to wear your mitts and use a large heat proof Anchor Hocking glass with a pour spout.  You need not spray the pan, it will peel off very easy when they are cool.  First melt your waxes in the nuker, keeping a VERY close eye on it.  You may want to melt 1/2 and then 1/2 because any wax has a flash point.  All you need do is pour it into the mold!  As it starts to cool, anchor your twine rope (hanger) deep into the unit because you do not want it falling off the wall.  I anchored my twine 1/2 into the heart although you cannot see that.

The heart cooled pretty fast and I bothered to decorate it the next day.  I used a glue gun and dried petals.  In this case I used 1 ounce of Jasmine buds and 2 ounces of rose buds.  If the mold is fancy enough you may not need to add any decor.  I could not find a very fancy heart mold in the hurry I was in. 

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Baby Bootee Powder

Here is a product that would cost a small fortune to buy, yet may cost $3 to make.  The formula?  (Makes 2 Four Ounce Jars)  1/2 Cup of Cornstarch and 1/2 Cup of Zinc Oxide, and 1 Cup of food grade rose petals.

Mix until a fine powder in a food processor. A few drops of Bulgarian Lavender Essential oil can be added while blending, but that is optional.  Pour into containers and finish off with a sheer ribbon.  Yellow sheer is fine if no one knows if it is a boy or girl.  We have goat hair brushes in the supply room for this as well as other uses.


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Dior Pearl Mica Lip Gloss

    Another item that I love for simplicity-but runs up to $15 for .06 of an ounce (18 ml.)  I can make my own for well under that, with ten more to spare for my friends.  I bought this from "Duty Free" on my way back from the UK.  This was non-flavored, but I put honey flavor oil in mine.

To Make:

 ¼ Ounce of Natural Wax Jelly

2 Teaspoons of Semi White Mica (or Opal)

1 teaspoon of flavor (optional)

 Cut top off natural wax jelly bag. Put the bag in the microwave for under two minutes—keeping an eye on it until almost melted.  Remove from microwave and pour into a glass measuring cup, mixing in the 2 teaspoons of mica and stirring well.  You do not have to stir very long—just make sure the mica is well incorporated.  Pour into each container and allow to cool.  


If you want to make your own natural wax jelly—simply melt 1 part beeswax to 9 parts edible oil such as cherry kernel, safflower or sweet almond oil and then begin with these directions.  Castor Oil has no "taste" and will give you the thickest gloss.

  • Mica comes from rocks if you did not know.



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Rosehip Soap and Facial Scrub

Queen Latifah mentioned on a recent interview she uses simply baking soda and makes a paste with water to exfoliate her skin and give her a wonderful glow.  She mentioned her Grandmother taught her that.  I do about the same thing, but with rose hip powder and a little baking soda.    I use concentrated rose hip tea to make my paste.  Rinse well and enjoy the glow!  Rosehip powder is in the additive section of our supply room.                               

To make Rose Hip Soap I simply used a a silicone 6 cavity muffin "pan."  They held a good four ounces. So, 2 pounds of white Melt and Pour Soap Base, with 4 ounces of Rose Hip Powder.  Fragrance oil should be vanilla, Almond and/or Honey.  Mix well and pour!  I added a little cinnamon, nutmeg, and cardamom.  The cardamom is so sensual.  A dropper full of sweet orange essential oil really brings this all out to be decadent.

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James Blunt

 James Blunt is the most successful debut artist of the year in the UK.   One time British Army Captain (and latest in a long line of Blunts in the armed forces) served stints as a peacekeeper in Kosovo and guard at Buckingham Palace before hanging up his uniform. It is said when he was bored during his spare time on active service he would write songs and video tape himself.  Now that is being optimist in the hardest and saddest places such as Kosovo.   His work is astounding, on the soft side, and a mildly explicit in just a few spots.  Nothing I am worried about.  I love self expression in moderation.  My three daughters think he is the hottest thing since sliced bread and Blunt is all over the college campuses.  (What a relief compared to their former music preferences.)  James appeals to all age groups without even trying.

What I appreciate the most about James Blunt in his artistry, is the symbolism and metaphors in the songs he writes.  "Your Beautiful," is a song about a woman he fell in love with on a bus, but knew he would never see her again.  So, he calls that a "moment" "they shared," he will never forget.  Something we have all experienced, but never put into words as he did.  To capture a "moment" or "embrace love," hold it pure as a memory, and not expecting anything more, is the point.  True love has not one condition, and no one has ever delivered this musically better than James Blunt.  Three Wise Men is another fascinating song on the track, but I am still not sure what the symbolism was there.   Click here to listen to "Beautiful."  Click here for his lyrics.  But nothing compares to his music and is a must buy.  The whole CD flows, not just a few songs.  Yes, James looks like a young Jim Morrison, but hopefully we can keep him around.

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Bauble Bar Formula 

I am very excited about the "bauble powder" we just got in and I cannot wait to make special bath seltzers and bath melts with it.  A little powder makes tons of bubbles and can be used for a myriad of other things such as an oatmeal bubble bath.  (Basically 1/2 powered oatmeal and/or dry milk and 1/2 the bubble powder.)  Keeping this is an airtight container. We did just get lovely 8 ounce blue jars in.  A plastic scoop would also help. 

The molds I discussed above, such a the rose is perfect for this.  Just pack very tight using your palms and body weight.  Or your heal!  A touch of water helps make bath bombs hard which is a trick I did not know until a few months ago. 

Basically 1/3 Citric, 1/3 Baking Soda, 1/3 Bubble Powder, and after all ingredients are mixed well, mix a teaspoon of water in quickly and thoroughly.  You can also add a teaspoon of melted shea butter, or carrier oil of choice.  A few tablespoons of fragrance or essential oil helps bind it all together.

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Royal Rice Pudding:  Almond, Vanilla & Coconut Rice Pudding by Deborah R. Dolen

I mentioned before making coconut rice is a staple around here.  Easy to make, cannot burn in a steamer, and the essential fatty acids are great for you.  Basically 2 parts coconut milk (which is not sweet) and 1 part Jasmine rice which is the best rice I feel out there when dealing with white rice, and a pinch of salt.  You can also substitute liquids with milk and/or water.  I also mentioned when we are done, I thrown in about 1/2 cup of cream of coconut and 1 cup of milk or cream to make rice pudding. 

I garnish with my Chai spices I keep in a pepper grinder.  I would venture to say it is good to also help sleep because of the warm milk, and cardamom.

Again, the British have one over on me.  To make a great rice pudding you cannot stop eating, they add 2 Tablespoons of Vanilla extract (or a bean if possible), 1 teaspoon of almond extract and 1/2 teaspoon of coconut extract.  Again, garnish with a mixture of the "C"s.  Cinnamon, Clove, Cardamom, and Coriander.  The emphasis on Cinnamon.  Almost forgot Nutmeg.  I would stick these in a mortar and grind the flavors together with a pestle.    For my vanilla, I used 1/4 cup of our vanilla powder and that also made it sweet without adding sweet coconut milk. 

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Aspirin Crème

I always thought Aspracreme had "Aspirin" in it, and I wanted to make my own here.  I figured I would whip out a mortar and pestle and throw a little rage on 6 bayer aspirins.  Then I learned Aspracreme really did not contain Aspirin (Bummer) and saw big brother went after them.  I am not sure why they had to make the name appear to have aspirin.  Never mind.  I still feel it has merit.  In the UK they did have aspirin in crème and I used it on my legs when they started to "tingle."  I cannot recommend anyone else do this at home, but I sure as heck WILL.  I did find one of many UK links to support the subject.  Click here for the support literature

I can say with that, I will also use marigold oil as the base for my crème because that is also great for circulation.  I will also use a few drops of essential oils such as spearmint and peppermint.  I love Sweet Birch Oil (smells like Ben Gay) and Wintergreen but they can be HIGHLY toxic and why we do not sell them.  I love Bitter Almond also, but same issue.  Since we are on that subject we also do not sell Penny Royal for those same reasons.  BTW, We now offering cute 8 ounce cobalt blue jars because I just had to have them for my use!  Click the jar for those.  Rose Knight had also been asking me about them, so hey Rose, they are here!

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Cute Card to Send  Click here for a Right Click Version to save to your hard drive and send.


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The Wafelini

I am not into sandwiches but if you have ever had a Panini, they are great.  Think of a pressed Cuban, so to speak.  When making these, the key is to ask for all ingredients to be sliced thin and your deli section can do that.  This also saves money on high end meats such as Prosciutto.  Not only do they taste do great, you are enjoying "healthy" stuff such as cucumbers, spinach, tomatoes and the like.  I listed my favorite combinations across a chart, but you sure can substitute whatever works for you.  I feel this is idea also for the RV crowd, Picnics, Camping and Boating.  Even for lunch to bring to work and watch your coworkers drool!  Click thumbnail to the left of my "Wafelini" before I eat it!

If found the bread to be not that important.  The night I tried this I was stuck with your standard commercial white bread.  Although I do like the Artesian breads at Albertsons that include three cheese and onion, olive, and such.  Also asking them to be sliced normal bread slice is important.  If the bread is too thin, well, you may have a mess.  Too thick and things may not melt together.  Keeping your bread in an airtight bag is a worthy investment.  One evening, I was just really hungry and curious to make one.  All I had was my waffle maker.  A $20 thingy.  It worked so great I call them "Wafelinis" although I will g buy the $32 George Foreman Grill since I will make these a lot.  BTW, you can make your own olive paste with a touch of olive oil if you do not want to buy the high end jars, as well as pesto, that will last a few months.  I use walnuts to make my pesto in my food processor.  Pine nuts can be expensive.  When making a Wafelini or Panini, drizzle the pan with olive oil before lightly grilling.

Meats Cheese Vegetable Vegetable Fresh Herb Misc
Prosciutto Mozzarella Tomato Olive Paste Fresh Basil  
Turkey Feta Spinach   Thyme  
Roast Beef Cream Cheese Onion     Olive Paste
Turkey Provolone Cucumbers   Sage Roasted Peppers
Salami Ricotta Tomato Spinach Rosemary  

Other Panini Idea's from Chef Gregg:

Panini Ideas To Get You Started:
• Ricotta, Roasted Peppers
• Basil, Mozzarella, Tomato, Balsamic Vinegar
• Eggplant Caponata, Roasted Red Peppers, Goat Cheese
• Prosciutto, Goat Cheese, Arugula
• Pesto Mayonnaise, Chicken, Red Pepper
• Ham, Mushrooms, Gruyere
• Tomato, Mozzarella, Coppa Salami
• Ham, Gruyere, Tomato
• Mozzarella, Tomato, Pancetta
• Ham, Emmental Cheese, Basil
• Tuna, Olives, Anchovies
• Roasted Eggplant, Goat Cheese, Basil
• Tuna, Tomato, Olives, Mozzarella
• Gorgonzola, Red Wine Vinegar, Olive Oil, Mixed Greens


Note I also like to put my sweet onions on top of the bread when I press, so it grills them and offers a great crust.  Clean up is a breeze as long as your not overdoing the contents of what is in between the bread.  In fact, I really do not need to wipe it down but once a week.  Ham and cheese are another easy one, I just do not like that combo because that is ALL I ate through college.  I see Greg had to put one in there for ham and cheese.  Don't forget the wine!

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Ask Ringo, by Ringo Star 


Holistic Pet Care Ideas

Keeping Them Safe (Remote Collar)

Most dogs need to "run" and not just be walked.  It is tough to produce a fenced in yard, and I often wondered about electric fences.  (too much of a pain.)  I found the best way to allow Ringo to "rule" and run was to buy him a remote collar.  It was the best $250 I ever spent and this gadget has a lifetime guarantee.  It is also water proof.  You hold the remote, and if the dog starts going out of bounds, you can give the dog a "tone" they do not like.  More so, if they are not listening to "get back here" and a little shockeroo if they are really about to chase a jogger, poodle, what have you.  DO watch the training tape that comes with it--as you must be consistent with your commands and prudent with the use of the unit.  The shock is no big deal-I tired it on myself first.  I laughed.  It does get your attention.  He rarely needs it now after some 10 uses because he thinks he is going to "get it" when I say NO.  He comes right back no matter what his mission was going to be.  And it allows him to be "him." 

My range is 1,000 yards and if you are going to drop the money--just drop the money.  Slightly cheaper is 100 yards.   You can always lend this to friends and new dogs you bring in.  As I said, you do not need it much after a month of use--but I take it along if we are going to new places, such as a dog park. He may loose his manners.  I feel it saved me a ton of training fees alone.  They should call it "Insta-Behave."  Click here to see the Innottek ADV-1000 system I bought Ringo and other "Sports" collars(Not recommended for use on husbands.)

Eating Possible Toxic Things

     Our philosophy is you should not have to "pay" to learn good pet care.  In The London Apothecary I talk at length about "Activated Charcoal."  It can come in a gel cap and should be a staple in your pharmacy.  It also helps greatly if your pet (or child) may have been poisoned.  Case in point, Ringo ate something in the bay when I was swimming with him.  He reacted badly and Lord knows what he ate.  Good thing he threw up several times in 30 minutes before I got the drift.  That is a good start.  He hit the grass and I hit the activated charcoal putting 4 gel caps in little cheese hot dogs.  If nothing else this would tide him over to get to the vet and absorb what toxic stuff he may have consumed.  Often, getting to the vet and hoping they are even there, is the worst part. I also steamed up some rice with chicken broth to hope that also absorbed "whatever."  Typically inducing vomiting is best before going for absorption measures.  But it has to go in a hot dog or good luck to you. 

The Teeth

My former pets were adopted and spared from being out to sleep for no good reason.  I had no clue of dog care.  Having their teeth cleaned by the vet once a year, is a first good move.  Oral hygiene or lack of a leading cause of disease.  Pets too!  Ask any dentist.  Ringo came back white as snow and it was $70 well spent.  I guess they sedate them to do the job. 

The Ears

When your whole dog seems to "reek" it could be just the ears.  Lift them up and have a sniff.  It may knock you down.  I put one drop of tea tree oil in both of Ringo's ears about once a week and massage down into the ear.   He hates it--but has learned to trust me.  We swim a lot.  But simple sweat can make for a great environment of bacteria in their ears. 

Healthy Coat

Judea Bentley, one of our editors from Nebraska suggests to put a teaspoon of coconut oil in a canine's food for over all good health and a nice coat.  I put a tablespoon of flax seed oil in Ringo's food each day for a great coat.  

Shampoo Naturally

We make our own shampoo bars for our pets.  Whether you are using Melt and Pour Soap or Cold Process Soap, great additives include:  Aloe Vera, Avocado Oil, Chamomile (tea), Castor Oil (for great lather,) Coconut Oil, Nettle Extract, Shea Butter, Macadamia Oil, Powdered Oatmeal,  and/or natural Vitamin E.  A few drops of Lavender or Lemongrass Essential Oil is nice because insects do not like those scents at all. 

Bowel Movements

Keep an eye on regularity.  If Ringo does not "put out" a good part of what he consumes per day, I get concerned.  One week he missed three days and I whipped out Glycerin suppositories.  Inserted a few gently with some natural wax jelly.  This helped greatly and he let loose.  Infants can be the same way.  When I used to fly a lot, I took my infants with me. I noticed they got "uptight" due to change of environment and would hold for days.  That is when I learned the glycerin trick.  Very cheap to buy also. 

It is prudent to feed them high quality dry dog food.  I do spoil him and throw a gravy on.  If you did not know it--turkey is NOT good for dogs as well as chocolate.  Most people do not know this.  For dogs having a hard time--until you can see a vet for on going issues--it is canned pumpkin! 

Add canned pumpkin to every meal. The dosage can range from 1/8 tsp for a small dog to 1/2 tsp for a large dog, depending upon results. Start with 1/4 tsp for a medium and large dog, increasing the amount depending on stool results.

Tick Removal

I knew this much because I had a lovely girlfriend pass away from Lyme disease.  We were horseback riding years ago--and she got bit by a tick.  She soon became ill, and lived for about six years.  I just never got over what a simple tick can do.  If you feel a "foreign" bump on any animal, take a close look at it.  Could be a wart--but chances are better it is a tick.  Some do not look "black" they are so far into the skin.  Understandably now, I am the tick terminator.  They are sure gross.  But you do not pull them out!!!  You heat a metal object with a lighter so it is really hot (I use my BBQ skewers) and gently touch the back of the tick.  He WILL let loose and then you can smash him up good.  This will not harm the animal if you aim just at the tick.  If you just pull him out--his legs will remain and cause infection or worse.  I check Ringo once a week, running my hands through his whole body while I watch TV.  Every other week I find one.  I also put a drop of tea tree oil on the afflicted area where the tick was after removal.

Healing Balms

Sandy Maine, author of many herbal related books including Clean Naturally:  Recipes for Body, Home and Spirit suggests using a glycerin soap base with Calendula, Comfrey and Golden Seal root to help heal  canine wounds.  Essential Oils are very powerful, as we are now just learning, and we suggest you purchase the book above that has the exact formulas for "Cloud's Healing Soap."  (Cloud is the name of Sandy's Dog.)   Sandy also has a cute and practical natural flea collar recipe, among many other great recipes, that is made up of Essential Oils such as Peppermint, Geranium and Rosemary, but as we said the exact amounts are very important when dealing with Essential Oils.   I prefer a few drops of Tea Tree and Bulgarian Lavender Essential Oils in my healing salves for Ringo, in a coconut oil base because coconut oil is natural antimicrobial and antibacterial.            

Healing Bone Trauma, Hip Dysplasia and Authur-itis

Most of us have heard Glucosamine and Chondroitin are excellent anti-inflammatories (for people too) and we often dodge for the high end pet food that contains trace amounts.  My vet told me the cheapest and best way to secure this is to buy the people tabs and stick them in a hot dog. (I call this the torpedo method--since the cheese hot dogs look like a torpedo.)  Ringo gets one every AM. 

Thyroid and Estrogen Issues Comment by Sylvia, a Mabel Member

There are pills or can come in liquid form to take that can contain Omega-3, Omega-6, Biotin for example.  A television show suggested sesame oil from the grocery store.  My vet suggested peanut oil that can even be bought in a gallon sized container at the grocery store when I bulked at the expensive pills I could have gotten instead.  I opted for the peanut oil since it was the cheapest since we have to buy Thyroid and Estrogen pills for our dog.  I don't measure but it is a teaspoon or slightly less I mix right in with the dog food each time.  I feed my dog three times a day.  My dog had constant rashes.  After giving her the peanut oil, her skin problems have been cut 95%!  Her fur is so soft now.  I was told if my dog got stomach upset to start with a small amount but my dog, Sara, had no problem.   Sylvia 

Your Pet Medicine Cabinet

Beyond Activated Charcoal Caps, a four ounce jar of Coconut Oil (to wipe down ears,) and a dropper bottle of Tea Tree Oil, Glucosamine and Chondroitin Capsules, you should have Acepromizine (a prescribed item.)  This is a good sedative in case of emergencies such as needing to calm the pet to remove something they are not allowing you to remove. In this rare instance, you can also brush their teeth and get more cooperation.  I am required to use it to sedate my pet if we stay at a hotel due to hurricane evacuation.  And any vet will understand you want it on hand, because he/she is also not around at such times. 

Click here for our full pet section.



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To Fiadora, Elizabeth and Stephanie

These little darlings, 7, 11, and Circle K




Turned into these young ladies!   Elizabeth, Age 2

Elizabeth, age 22, Massage Therapy and Law

(Fiadora and Stephanie)

And no Mother could be more proud! Happy Valentines Girls!



Fiadora the Pharmacist, UF as well as Elizabeth now at FSU. Steph, the youngest, claims she attends FU, (a joke to her UF alumni sisters) but actually attends a private college for Forensics.



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