Wedding Ceremony Tips


Whether you had a traditionally religious ceremony, wrote your own vows, or jumped out of an airplane for your wedding ceremony, we want to know what special ideas you had for your ceremony, to inspire other brides on their way to the altar! Featured roses to the right at the Rio Escimo, our long lasting favorite.

Eat Your Wheaties
"I know this is a typical bride's nightmare, but it really happened! I was so nervous on the day of the wedding, I couldn't put one bite of food in my mouth. We had a 4:00 ceremony, so by the time I walked down the aisle, I was starving. Right before we exchanged rings, I passed out at the altar! When I came to, I asked my husband, 'Where am I?', and he said, 'You're at your wedding'. My tip is don't forget to eat!!!" Jen from Staten Island, NY

Clan MacLeod
"We are having our dog - a collie - as our ring bearer. When my fiancÚ and I first got engaged, we bought a collie (I wanted a dog to do Pet Therapy with). We were living in a town called Highlands, so naturally the dog was named MacLeod... for the ceremony, he will be traditionally dressed (collies are a Scottish breed) in a tartan representing the Clan MacLeod, and flanked by our two lovely flower girls down the aisle..."
Sara from Brick, NJ, USA

Less is More
"Seriously guys, less is more. Our wedding is in 12 days *gulp*, and I have learned that it is far better to focus on the 'meat' of the ceremony than the 'fluff' of encasing it. Write your own vows, or write the 'couple's prayer' together. I heard about a wedding in our church, where a professional wedding planner brought in pillars to line each pew, and connected them all with satin sashes. One gentleman leaned over during the ceremony to snap a photo and leaned into one of the sashes. We all know the term 'domino effect', right? People will remember that and not the actual words and glances exchanged. Let the focus be on the two of you. Let your love be the decorator! "Eva from Toronto, ON, Canada

Meaningful Words
"Just remember one thing. The words in your ceremony need to mean something to you and your partner. Not just a bunch of words to get you married. A simple, yet personal touch is the best way to go. Take your time on this part - it will mean the most. Best Wishes!" Hillary from Cincinnati, Ohio, USA

They Call It Puppy Love
I love my little Maltese so much we are making her the "flower puppy". Getting married is all about making the day special for the two of you...not everyone else. Get creative and enjoy. Kari from Campbell River, British Columbia, Canada

Blessing of the Gathering
"Have a 'Blessing of the Gathering'. Just before the pronouncement, the officiate says, 'Do all of you give your blessing to this marriage? If so, say We Do!' And everyone yells out 'We do!' It makes everyone feel like a part of the joining of the couple. Dawn