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Mabel White Weddings

Planning an enjoyable and memorable wedding or family event can be a challenge. Mabel White Weddings offers elegant and unique wedding ideas for bride and grooms to be.  We know that many couples are looking for a unique way to express their love and devotion.  Mabel White  Weddings provides several themes that do that with elegance and class!

The goal of my wedding was to provide the guests with one of the best memories possible.  I devoted much time to choosing a gift and decided upon a simple small silver candy bowl with no inscription.  Ten years later they still cherish the bowl and will never forget the wedding.  The bowls were beautifully gift wrapped and piled high on a table in the entrance of the reception area, or on their dinner plates for those who were staying for dinner.  I deemed that more important than the cake and still do!  

My Wedding Favors is the Internet's #1 ranked wedding favor site on the web.  It's easy to see why:

  • Select from hundreds of wedding and bridal shower favors in a variety of themes and price ranges
  • Our low price guarantee
  • Live online assistance reduces shopping cart abandonment
  • Samples are available on any non-personalized items -- no minimums
  • We ship internationally

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Our Commitment is Solid

Our commitment to our customers and affiliates is to always offer the BEST selection of wedding favors and related details at extremely competitive prices with the most couple-friendly customer service policy anywhere!  Visitors you refer to our website will find hundreds of wedding and bridal shower favors, wedding cameras, packaging, guest book and pen sets, wedding attendant gifts and more.  What's better -- we're growing larger everyday!


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