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Make a Mega-Crayon   Cookie Color Wheel   Child's Gift Wrap  Baby Wipe Recipe  Play Dough Recipe


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For birthday parties it is always a cute idea to tie a balloon to the back of each chair for each guest and to write their name on the balloon just for them!    Our Lip Balm Factory is a very popular birthday party activity!  Click here to buy one!


Mega Crayon

Make A Crayon Cube!

Click Photos for PDF Instructions

Make Your Own Edible Color Wheel

Child Party Gift Wrap Idea!
Make Your Own Mason Toppers with Cork!


Baby Let's Eat!  The Art of Making Natural Baby Food 

by Deborah R. Dolen

Babies usually start eating solid foods at 3 months of age and their first solid food is usually cereal. Then they advance to fruits and vegetables. You may want to create your own recipes for your baby versus the pre-packaged/bottled items you can purchase commercially.  

Click here to order the affordable Electronic e-Mail Document  or the photo to the left to order our beautiful book!  Good Luck!


Free: Baby Wipe Recipe

For easy an quick children's gifts you can put hot balls or gumballs in a mason jar, blow bubbles, or even play dough!  Mason jars can usually be found in Dollar General stores for 50 cents!  A gold foil bow also looks great on top of the gumballs.  


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